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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Waiting Game

A few people have been asking about the status of the house/move, so I thought it might be most convenient to share it here!  We did a walk through last week, and it is looking beautiful!

Joe and his team have been working hard at fixing up this lovely house.  The exterior is done - new windows, front door, back door, garage doors, sliding door, and all the trim has been painted white.  Inside, the walls are all done, and the tub and showers are in upstairs.  The entire house has been painted a lovely neutral gray, and the day we went to see it, the kitchen cabinets were being installed.

All that is left are the floors and fixtures!

James dropped off the good faith deposit today, and as soon as the house is done, the appraiser will come and our lender can move forward!

That being said, we don't exactly know our move-in date.  Yes, the house will be done in less than a week, but paperwork needs to be processed, and that is contingent upon the things mentioned above.  When we know more, I will be pleased to update everyone!  And now I don't feel so bad that we haven't packed a single box.

*  *  *  *  *

Meanwhile, here are some fam updates:


  • He is talking so much - it is so fun to just sit and have a conversation with this one
  • He has a great sense of humor, and a contagious laugh
  • Jas is branching out - with his new Batman shirt that he wore three days in a row, he is no longer only ever Spider-Man
  • His fave toy for the past two days has been a little velociraptor.  It's currently in bed with him
  • He knows all the words to more songs than I can name, but here are a few:
    • "Yellow Submarine"
    • "I Wanna Be Like You"
    • "Holy, Holy, Holy"
    • "All Together Now"

  • He is five months old, and our little peanut
    • No, really!  At his last appointment, he was measuring in the 4th percentile for weight
  • This guy is ready to go:
    • He can roll from tummy to back and over again
    • He scoots all over the living room floor
    • When he gets excited, he waves his arms around and kicks his legs
    • He has such a strong back and neck!  It can be a challenge getting him into his car seat or giving him a bath
  • He loves to laugh, and is really ticklish
  • His favorite game is peekaboo
  • Pretty sure he is teething - non-stop drool and constantly gumming everything he can get to his mouth

  • This five-year-old is just too smart!  He asks so many great questions, and processes a lot of very complex concepts!
  • His favorite movies right now are "Goosebumps" and "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed"
  • He is so literal - when we play, he always reminds me that he is pretending
    • "Pretend this is my motorcycle..." *rides bike down the sidewalk*
  • He is a pro at riding his bike
    • He can stand up while he's pedaling (something he noticed the big kids doing)
    • He steered with one hand the other day!
  • Miles recently learned the joy of writing letters, and has been sending mail to people - it's the cutest
  • Just this week, he has started to get over his fear of the swimming pool.  It's like the switch flipped, and he realized he can hold his breath and actually have fun doing all the different skills!  Praise Jesus, prayer works!!
  • He has an imaginary alter-ego named "Tadingy"

JB & I:
  • We had a wonderful anniversary celebration in Savannah last weekend!  Can't believe it's already been seven years
  • James wrote a worship song (which I shared on Facebook, if you missed it)
  • He & Nathan have been recording more songs for their Farewell Teddy album
  • God has moved forward with the CPPTC prayer team!  Stay tuned!
  • I have been practicing brush calligraphy
    • tools of choice:  Crayola watercolor markers!!
    • Instagram:  marilynleecalligraphy

So much more to come soon (as always!)