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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fixer Upper

I'm not writing about the HGTV show.  (Although, admittedly, I have been watching that show non-stop since the in-laws are letting us use their Netflix account!)  I am excited to be writing the story of how God provided us with a home!

James and I started house hunting in February.  We were saving properties on websites and apps, and making a list (a modest one, mind you) of what we wanted in our home.

  • (at least) three bedrooms, two bath
  • a dishwasher
  • 1400 square feet, or more
  • preferably in PTC

And less than a month later, we found all that and more!  We began the hunt with a realtor who was recommended by friends.  He was super nice, and very flexible with his hours.  We started looking in early February, and by March, we had seen nine properties - and the ones we liked the best were at least 12 miles away.  Now, I know that is completely doable, and that it really wouldn't be that far, but I was really struggling with the idea that God would call us to move out of California, feeling uprooted from all that I knew, to temporarily place us somewhere, only to move us out again.  I was so discouraged, but knew that I had to ask for prayer.  My emotions were clouding what I knew to be true.  So I sent a message to the ladies in my small group, just letting them know how I felt about the whole process, and that I needed to allow my own expectations to match whatever God might have for our family!

Well, as it turned out, that very day, Joe found the house God had for our family!  At community group that night, he was asking James about what we were looking for, and what our price point was, and by Thursday of that week, we were looking at the property he was considering.

The Back Story
It was a dark and stormy night in December.

No really.

The same storm that was lighting up the night sky the night that Oliver was born, the torrential rain led to a ton of flooding at the house that Joe would soon snatch up off the market!  The backyard drain overflowed into the garage and into the house, making a giant mess of the downstairs floors and sheet rock walls.  When we went to look at it in February, the floors were all pulled up, and some of the walls were already pulled away.  The woman who owned it was still in the process of moving her stuff out, while already putting it on the market.  Needless to say, it was a mess when we went to look at it last month.  Joe and Carrie said I looked like a deer in the headlights walking through it!  Haha!!

At the end of the first walkthrough, James and I saw a ton of potential in this home.  I honestly think my "deer-in-the-headlights" expression had more to do with the two boys running around a house that was partially demolished, and partially crowded with someone else's stuff!  Still, it was really cool when Carrie turned to me and asked, "Do you ever watch the show Fixer Upper?"  Okay, I think my eyes were way bigger once she asked me that!  I could feel the excitement welling up, and the potential of the property expanded into dreaming about our home!!!

The Specs:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath (two up, one down), plus a huge bonus room over the garage upstairs
  • large living room with wood burning fireplace, formal dining room, kitchen and dine-in area
  • about 1600 sqft
  • right in the heart of Peachtree City
  • good sized yard with lots of trees

The Waiting Game
The day we went to look at the place, there was one offer on the house, but Joe was super confident that he and the investors he works with would be able to get it, and talked to us as if we were already moving forward!  Well, he's obviously the professional because once we said we were on board, he called us that week to tell us they got it!

James and I started looking on Pinterest to find ideas to send over to Joe, especially for the kitchen and bathroom details.  Our second walk through was cool because James and I really saw the house as ours.  Joe talked us through the renovations that he and his team would be doing.  Without talking through every single detail, we are basically getting a brand new house inside!  Eeee!  We will have way more than my minimum desire of a dishwasher.  WOO HOO!!!

So now, we wait.

I mean, not without driving by (ahem, today) to peek at some of the work being done.  There are already new windows put in, and the exterior trim was painted white.  It is going to be so amazing.  And as I find out more, I will update more, I promise!

But the waiting is not forever.  Joe gave us a finish date in June!  Eep!  More to come soon.

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