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Monday, March 16, 2015

Flower Power!

Spring has sprung!  It is so beautiful here, and I cannot stop taking pictures.  We have a ton of flowering trees at our apartments, so just about every shot is glorious!!  Then I had an idea when Jasper was taking his nap after lunch today:  Miles and I gathered a few blossoms and used them to make prints!  It was so fun.

"Here's a flower for you, Mom!"

One of the many Tulip Trees/Japanese Magnolias on our lot 

On the swings with my little

(Jasper touches his lip when he's tired)

"Hiiiiii Spring!"
(Jas is still so tired.)

Miles climbing


This handsome one. 

So grown up already!

Jasper on his way back

The setup:  paints of Miles' choice, blooms of every kind

Step one:  Grab a flower

Step two:  Dip it in the paint

Step three:  Stamp it!


Our finished prints

I think my favorite one is the middle row, left - Miles took one of the Japanese magnolias and dipped it in all of the colors before stamping it on the paper.  I can't wait to send these out in the mail.  :)

Enjoy the Spring!

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