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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Motherhood: Scars, Crayolas, and Glitter

You know, all of those baby books and parenting classes are fine.  I mean, they are adequate.  But nothing prepares you for the adventure of motherhood.  I mean NOTHING.

I have never loved a person so much and then loved another person just as much and then been so exhausted and wanted to be as far away from both of those people - all in the same day.  Okay.  Let's be real, in the same minute.  A friend at Bible study reminded me that God made it so that our kids would make us laugh, even when we are mad at them.  And it is so true!  Nothing diffuses a situation like laughter.

So the day before James preached (click here to listen to the podcast!), I was exercising at home.  Well, alright, I was doing jumping jacks and running in place to warm up for a workout.  But Jasper was playing in the room with me, and decided it would be fun to go right where my feet were kicking up behind me.  I proceeded to knock him over, but we were standing really close to our TV stand.  And in my panic, I swirled around to stop him from banging his head on the sharp corner...
... and he was safe.  In fact, after I caught him, he hopped right back up and kept playing.

But it wasn't without doing that very thing to myself.  I completely ran out of time and hands to catch myself from falling.

It was awful.  I did a quick assessment of my symptoms:
  • Dizzy?  no
  • Eyesight?  fine, not fuzzy
  • Do I feel suddenly tired?  no, but I'm definitely in shock, the pain hasn't registered
  • Can I get up?  hm, not gonna try yet
  • Is it bleeding?  Yep.
  • Am I going to crack up laughing now?  definitely.
I mean, what else could I do but laugh?  James was at the church practicing his sermon, so it was just me and the boys at home.  I slowly got up, and walked to the kitchen for a paper towel and some ice - because I definitely didn't want to swell up, even though I knew that I probably got my first black eye - from myself.  So lame!  Meanwhile, Miles was yelling, "Mommmm!  I'm donnnnne!" from the potty over and over, and I was trying to tell him to just wait.  But you know, he's three.

I am so thankful that it wasn't worse.  It actually didn't bleed very much, and my eye was fine, just a little scratched on the lower right eyelid, and a little sore.

James got home as soon as he got my message, and I mostly wanted to be babied for a few minutes.  And he indulged me - let me rest, and took care of the boys.

Honestly, it healed pretty quickly.  It's only been two weeks, and all that is left is a little bump under the scar.  But it is the first of many scars to be received in motherhood, I'm sure.

*  *  *  *  *

But, oh, do those boys make me laugh!

Jasper Ulysses

  • He is such a firecracker!  He's got a temper, and gets SO loud when he feels like it
  • I absolutely love his laugh.  I can almost always make him laugh, even when he is cranky, overtired, or ultra hungry.
  • He is obsessed with Spider-Man.  We went to Naomie and Olivia's Christmas play, and one of the kids was dressed as Spidey - Jas was starstruck.  He wouldn't stop trying to climb over my shoulder to see Spider-Man sitting behind us, and saying, "Hi."
  • I love to see him play.  His imagination astounds me.  He understands characters that go together, and recognizes his favorites.
  • Jazzbaby loves to sing.  He will sing like Ariel, King Louie, the residents of Halloween Town, and knows lots of words from the end of lines like, "Tell old/ Pharaoh/ Let my people GOOOOO!"
  • This dude is running full tilt, especially if he gets to stay up past his bedtime, when it is the most dangerous.
  • He only calls Miles "Bubba" - even when I tell him to say "Miles" he calls him "Bubba."
  • When we are in the car, Jas will call my name over and over and over
    • "Momma?  Momma?     Momma??"
    • And when I answer, "Yes?  Jasper?"  He pauses and points and brother, and just says, "Bubba."
  • He has started to refuse to eat vegetables, even though he loves them!  So weird.

Miles Yossarian
  • This amazing kid is beginning to understand imaginative play, and just today, was expressing the desire to watch movies that don't exist yet
    • Like a Monsters University movie that has all the members of Oozma Kappa working on the MI scare floor together
  • One of his best friends is Mitchell, from his Bible Study Fellowship class.  We get to play with him twice a week, since I am watching him on those days.  :)
    • Jasper calls him "Mi'Milm"
    • Today, Mitchell was Batman and Miles was Robin while they were on the playground
  • His favorite thing to eat is spaghetti and meatballs - especially when he gets to help make it
  • He is still crazy for chocolate milk
  • The latest obsession is watching Chip and Dale cartoons.  We have seen the same 8 episodes over and over, but he loves it
  • He cried at the end of Godzilla 1985, and Where the Wild Things Are
  • He cried when he found my driver's license, saying, "I'm sad because you don't have long hair."
  • Bubs is one of the funniest people I know.  On the way to community group tonight he said, "Can I have my soda?"  I said, "No, Miles, not until dinner."  "Gosh!  Man, I just want it!"
  • He pays attention to people and their favorite things - like whenever there is anything mentioned about a mermaid, he comes to tell me because he knows Ariel is my fave princess.
*  *  *  *  *

Oh, so the other part of my title had nothing to do with the kids actually.  I treated myself to a pack of Crayola colored pencils and a pack of Crayola Bright Colors Markers today.  I am going to start color coding my Bible passages as I study.  I'm super excited to use this post from Women Living Well as my guide!  I started today in Leviticus 16, which I had already studied for BSF, and there is a lot of red, green, and brown.

And the glitter is something I am SUPER excited about, and I think it was the reason I decided to write a blog post right now:

I registered for The Color Run: Atlanta with my friend Daniela!  It's going to be so awesome because 2015 is the Shine tour, which means it won't just be a color run - it will be a super-sparkly GLITTER run!  Eeeeee!  I cannot wait!  I am looking forward to April!!

But it's late now, and my evening coffee has worn off, so good night!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Recap

Well, 2014 ended rather quickly!

We had a wonderful one, so here is a photo recap of our year:

These littles at the Hampton house

Photos from JBs phone during the snow storm

Miles Wazowski

Zoo Atlanta for Bubs' birthday
Ammy & Jas

Walking about with my cap-wearing dudes
(Jas was in the sling!)

Memorial Day swim fun with Hannie and Gigi!

my first Zumba class in GA!
Like, fer shur!!

Happy fourth from the Browns!
(Be happy, Jasper)

Fireworks fun in Newnan

Jas, loving the mud

Zoo Atlanta splash pad!


snorkeling buddies

Belle & Sebastian and "Me & the Major"

this statue

the lovely Mrs. Hogge

crazy cuzzos

King of all wild things!

Thanksgiving day in Missouri

Tasty Mexican food with G'pa

Bubbas untangling the lights

community group fun with
Miss Daniela

Reading on Christmas morning

new boots!!!

Thanks for joining us on our 2014 adventures!!