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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vacation Bible School

Okay, I did not grow up going to, or even knowing about Vacation Bible School.  I actually had never heard of it until the first summer I was involved at Renewal Christian Fellowship, years ago.  We did Crocodile Dock, and I loved it.  It was so cool to see children, from preschool to 6th grade, learning about Jesus, and His love for them.  I saw children praying with hands folded, or on their knees, I saw kids worshiping God Almighty, and dancing with praise and joy!

Miles attended his very first VBS, or as he would pronounce it, "Fee B S" at the end of July.  It was at Four Corners Church in Newnan, and he loved it.  The only day he shed a few tears was the day that I was there, but helping in the nursery.  He wanted me to be with his class.  But other than that, he would hop in the car with Miss Amy and all of his buddies, and head off to his VBS class!

Here's Miss Amy's car for the week!

Bubbas didn't even end up being in any of their classes, but he had a blast.  He came home singing "God of Wonders" and "God Made Everything" from day one!  He even taught us all of the hand motions that go with them.  Oh, and he made sure to tell us all about the robot!

Praising God with so many kids!

I like the robots sandals...

"Hallelujah to the Lord of Heaven and Earth!"


I feel so blessed that Four Corners worked so hard to teach Miles and dozens of other kiddos all about the Creator of the universe.  I know how much Bubbas loved it because he asked me every day the next week if we were going to VBS.  It actually made me a little sad to have to explain to him again and again that it was only for those five days.  But I am so grateful that Miles was so well cared for that week, and that he had so much fun!  Seriously, he napped so well that week!

I wonder if the space travel theme had anything to do with Miles wanting to watch Wall-E over and over again lately...  At any rate, it was a blast!

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