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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Settling the Wilderness of PTC

I like chasing things.

Miles and I were outside a few days ago, and he spotted a squirrel, and we both turned into those dogs from Up.  I mean, seriously, he pointed and said, "Momma, look a squoiyull!" and I said, "Do you want to go get it?" And the chase was on!!  The squirrel was game, too because right after we crossed the parking lot, it ran from the yard, but then kind of stopped at a tree and waited for us, before it took off across the lawn into the woods.

I'm glad that living in the super-developed suburbs of Peachtree City hasn't curbed our desire to go after small game.  It reminded me of the end of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.  It's refreshing to know that when given the opportunity, Miles will chase stuff with me.  In fact, I can say with confidence that James and Jasper would be down, too.  Jasper LOVES running around and chasing things.  Well, at least, he loves being carried or strolled around, chasing after someone/something.  And just today, James was crawling after Jas through the Chick-Fil-A play area because that kid can climb up the slide!  It's ridiculous!  I was smiling to myself when I heard James, Jasper, and Miles playing in there today.  It was great hearing how much fun they were having.

I guess the 'settling' part of this post has more to do with our apartment.  It really is feeling more like home now.  The boys are quite comfortable here, and doing really well sharing a room.  I think the fact that all FOUR of us Browns shared a room at our previous residence prepared them; they are swimming in space here.  :)  It has been a work in progress, getting moved, adjusting, unpacking, sorting through items that were in storage for over a year, and now deciding if we should unpack or even keep them...


Okay, I'm done writing about that for now.  It's raising my anxiety already.

Still, life is good.  It isn't easy, but I am reminding myself that I can savor God's observable presence daily.  For example:  The boys have gone to bed at about the same time - and earlier than usual - the last two nights!  And last night, JB and I had a date night in - an Alfred Hitchcock movie neither of us had seen before, The Man Who Knew Too Much.  Not to mention that today, after worrying about finances for a while this morning, getting word that dear friends have pledged support for our ministry.  God is constantly reminding me that I don't need to worry.

*  *  *  *  *

I drafted this post over a week ago.  We have since finished the movie on our date night this past Friday, and seen God's hand moving even more!  I received some savings bonds that Uncle Sal bought me in 1989 and 1990 for Christmas, and they had compounded a bit - so that was a fun surprise to receive from my Mom in the mail!  I can't wait to move forward with some ideas I have (supporting indigenous missions is one super-exciting venture I am praying into, the rest are little DIY projects here at home).

Until these ideas are more concrete, here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

Jubs practicing with a fork
macaroni and CHEESE!

Miles playing "Fox Mario"

"Momma, I don't wanna
leave the McDonalds play place!
Let me climb up the slide!!"

Yee haw!
"Mom, you do your arm like this,
like a cowboy."
*lassoing motion*

He just needs some boots.

spoon practice, too

Mellow Mushroom Pizza's 40th Anniversary
$2.50 for a small cheese pizza!

Morning paperwork
(my job entails spectrum organizing the Crayolas)

dig, dig, dig

The latest:

Miles Yossarian loves
  • Peter Pan all over again!  
    • He will sing the theme, "Dun dun duuuuun!" and shout, "I can fly!" while jumping off of his bed... over and over
  • chocolate milk (always!)
  • I Heart Katamari - which he pronounces differently every time
  • laughing - and his sense of humor is so awesome!
  • physical proximity to me at all times - !
  • telling stories about a tiny baby, crawling somewhere, then bonking its head (?)

Jasper U loves
  • food, especially fruit
    • seriously, hide the grapes or oranges unless you want him to yell at you for the rest of the meal!
  • standing up on his own (not pulling up)
  • laughing
  • climbing up the slide
  • swings
  • taking things out
  • putting things back
  • oh, and dancing:

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