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Friday, August 1, 2014

Non-Party Planning

I am super excited.

So many exciting things!!

Gosh, I don't even know where to start?

Seriously, there are, like, at least 3 things I'm thrilled about!

*  *  *  *  *

Item One:
Both of the boys are napping right now.  It's a rare and splendid animal to behold when our busy, busy boys are asleep during the day, at the same time!  That is probably why I am able to be on here right now!

Item Two:
We are moving into our new apartment tomorrow!  We picked up the keys on Wednesday, and that was a test of faith, to be sure.  It felt like the entire process was postponed over, and over, and OVER again.  And when the same piece of paper was sent back a second time last Monday, James and I had reached our breaking point.  When I read him the email, he and I actually ended up having a huge fight because we were both so frustrated, but it just so happened that we had each other on the line.

But God is so good.  We were praying hard for everything to go through despite the paperwork, and the fact that the manager only works in the office part time.  Salli and I were declaring truth over the situation, just praying that it would go through, and believing for God's best!  Then that night, I received an email from the manager, that she submitted the corrected form herself, and that we should come into the office as scheduled!  So it all worked out!

Further blessings have been pouring in, in the form of brand new beds for JB & I, and for Miles.  We also got new sheets, and comforters as well.  We have been receiving calls, texts, and emails from folks asking what we need, how they can help, and that people are praying for us!  Glory to Jesus for the generosity of so many people.

Item Three:
Jasper's birthday is next week!  He will be one year old already.  I feel like he's not a baby anymore - he's a toddler now!  James and I made the decision not to have a big party.  James, Miles, and I will celebrate him at our new place on his actual birthday, then party with the rest of the fam on the weekend.  I love that I'm not stressed out, trying to create the perfect or best birthday party for a little one who, let's be honest, won't remember this day at all.  I want to remember it as being stress-free, fun, and full of things that Jasper loves.

I also really felt encouraged when a college pal of mine posted a similar sentiment here.  She and her hubby decided not to throw their kiddo a second birthday party this year.  And everyone was happy with the decision.  Honestly, there have been a lot of parenting choices James and I have made that are breaking the current trends that many people seem to be adhering to.  (Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with any of their choices!)  I am just finding that trying to be like any other parents isn't working for us.  We are happiest being the parents God created us to be.  If you are a fam that thrives with huge gatherings every year to celebrate your super awesome kid, you know I will be there if I get the invite!  I love celebrating people.  I am just finding that I don't do well hosting ginormous parties.  I suppose I was never really in charge of them back home.  My Mom and Sis are super hostesses!

Besides, with Jas taking two naps still, I know that if we had a ton of people over, he would end up asleep or cranky at some point during the party.  So here's to a simple time of celebration.

PB&J might be on the menu!

As long as I get to party
with this dude, I'll be happy

Tough guys


  1. I totally support the decision to not have a crazy birthday party! For Logan's second birthday, we just had two of his little friends over and had a special breakfast of things he loves: muffins and grapes. It was the same two friends we have over all of the time. He was happy so I was happy!

    1. @Renee - I am so glad that so many families see the value of toning it down for the sake of their kids, and their own sanity!! It sounds like Logan had a fabulous birthday!