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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Bliss

The Beirut in PTC.

Oh snap.

James treated me to a wonderful birthday dinner last Thursday at a small Lebanese restaurant that is, without a doubt, the best place to eat a nice meal in Peachtree City.  Seriously, everything was delicious, fresh, and so much fun to eat!

Getting there was an adventure though.  We left for our 7:30 reservation at 7pm, which would have been fine coming from Newnan, except James' phone died on the way, and I left mine on the kitchen table!  Needless to say, James was a little irritated at not knowing where this place was.  We found a fast food version of the place on the wrong side of the highway, but thankfully they are affiliated, so we got directions.  But they weren't the best directions because as soon as we were en route,
I said, "Wait, where is it?"
After trying to figure out the location of the landmarks that we had never visited, we finally decided to head down the street we made a wrong turn on, but were confident the restaurant was located on.  It took us down several blocks of residential neighborhoods, but we just kept on down the street.  Seemingly OUT OF NOWHERE, an entire shopping center appeared!  Lo and behold, it was the exact place we were trying to find!

I loved going to dinner, on a hot date with my hubby, dressed up in a new outfit, and ready to eat a phenomenal meal.  The one downside of not having either of our phones was that we couldn't take any pictures!  But the pros vastly outweighed the cons.  It was really cool to have a date without the distractions of even snapping pictures, but being forced to make actual memories of the evening.

I just shared last night at our Ladies Night Out: Cooking & Conversation that this was probably the best meal I have had.  And it reminded me of this verse:

My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, 
and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips…
Psalm 63:5

And this meal was a mere glimpse into the joy and satisfaction that is to be found in the Father.

It was a good birthday.

Mike Nelson snapped some amazing
family photos for us!!  Like a pre-birthday gift!

My birthday breakfast buddies

One of the best presents I got:
double nap time!
(They went to the pool with Grams & the goils,
while I went birthday outfit shopping)

We celebrated with all of the fam on Saturday.
My super awesome prezzies from everybody!

Happy birthday giant brownie ice cream sandwich

cue: birthday song

blow out the candles…
… and hold the pose... 

Sweet collage made by my Naomie! 


  1. Love the family photos, especially the one with Miles in the front on the bridge.

    1. @Renee - Thank you! I can't wait to get them printed and framed. The one with Miles is my favorite too!