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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I am thirty-two years old.

And I am a resident of Peachtree City, GA.

Well, almost.

*  *  *  *  *

Seriously, I feel like I have been waiting for God to rescind His directive for us to settle here, even though last spring, I took a leadership position that would begin in the fall, James has taken a wonderful ministry position at our church, not to mention the fact that we have been here for one year, one month, and nineteen days.

I think the thing I was waiting for was having a place of our own.  And if you had told me, one year, one month, and nineteen days ago,
"Marilyn, you are going to leave your lovely home, all of your family, and network of close, amazing friends to live in a tiny apartment in PTC… oh, and I mean TINY."
I would have told you that you're insane.  But the last year has been a time of very intense spiritual personal training with the Holy Spirit Himself!  If we had not spent this time living with family - sharing physical space with established families who have their own routines, ways of relating, and personal opinions - I can say with confidence that a two-bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment that has less total square footage than my 1bdr/1bath apartment back in MoVal would not have really excited me.


I am absolutely thrilled to have a space to call our own, decorate the way we want, and everything!  Don't get me wrong, our family has truly been a joy.  I cherish the fact that my boys are growing up with their grandparents, auntie and uncles, and cousins on this side of the family.  I remember longing for Miles to be able to not only meet, but spend time with each and every one of them.  And here we are!  Plus, there have been so many hands to help with the boys every day.  The thing I treasure the most has been getting to know my in-laws.  In the 14 years I have known James, I never really got a chance to get to know his family because they lived out here the entire time we were dating/married!  Being in such close proximity has all but forced us to get to know one another!  Honestly, if I was able to have a place of my own, I probably wouldn't have carved out the time to get to know all of our fam out here… or it certainly would have taken much longer!

And so it is with much excitement that I can say we will have an apartment all to ourselves in less than a week!  I am overwhelmed by the way that God has confirmed our move and the path that we are on.  We have folks generously helping us fully furnish the place, we have another family allowing us to use their golf cart once we get there.

*  *  *  *  *
I am notorious for losing my books.

Hi. I liked my hair in this one.

Family photo shoot
credit: Mike Nelson


July 4th Parade in PTC

Fireworks in Newnan 


Sweet, sweet Livvi

 Drive in movie night
for Caleb's birthday!

Some of my fave kiddos!

 Dinner at the pond

Mural at the Chinese takeout place

Card from my Mommy! 

We were making Jazz' face

Splash pad/park playdate with SO many little ones!!

More About Miles:
  • He is notorious for talking incessantly when he knows he's tired, until he finally gives up:
    • "'Member we went to Dinnyland, and went to Mit-ter Toad, in da car.  It was Dada, and Momma, and Miles.  Dere were like, TEN PEOPLE!"  Then he just laid his head down and fell asleep.
  • Current film favorite:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
  • Current favorite book:  The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
  • Miles is convinced that the Cat in the Hat is named "by Dr. Seuss."  He said, "I want to be By Dr. Seuss for Halloween."  (I'm already brainstorming!)

Ready to race!

We need to find the cartridges for the viewfinder!


So serious

"The clouds look soft, Momma."


Jungle in the Mungle

Be still my heart!
Sleepy boy.

Jasper Bo Basper:
  • Most of the pictures I take of him are when he's eating.  Because he never stops eating.
  • He really wants to walk - he has stood for a few seconds on his own
  • Good grief, this boy is LOUD!  He will play this game with you where you yell, "AAAAH!" and he will yell it right back at you, "AAAAH!"  Hours of fun.
  • He woke up the other day, and didn't cry, but just sat in his crib talking.  "Dada.  Mama.  Dada.  Bubba."
  • He is still napping twice a day, for a few hours at a time.  But when he is SO tired, he will arch his back and throw his head back, forcing you to perform baby Cirque du Soleil!
  • He's a flexible little baby - we play "I have two feet" and he brings his feet all the way up by his face!
  • Jasper is definitely my lil music man.  He loves when anyone plays instruments, or claps, or dances around.

 Trying kiwi for the first time -
He loved it!

At Caleb's Drive-In

Messy PB&J face
"I will eat it all in one bite!"

Birthday Bliss

The Beirut in PTC.

Oh snap.

James treated me to a wonderful birthday dinner last Thursday at a small Lebanese restaurant that is, without a doubt, the best place to eat a nice meal in Peachtree City.  Seriously, everything was delicious, fresh, and so much fun to eat!

Getting there was an adventure though.  We left for our 7:30 reservation at 7pm, which would have been fine coming from Newnan, except James' phone died on the way, and I left mine on the kitchen table!  Needless to say, James was a little irritated at not knowing where this place was.  We found a fast food version of the place on the wrong side of the highway, but thankfully they are affiliated, so we got directions.  But they weren't the best directions because as soon as we were en route,
I said, "Wait, where is it?"
After trying to figure out the location of the landmarks that we had never visited, we finally decided to head down the street we made a wrong turn on, but were confident the restaurant was located on.  It took us down several blocks of residential neighborhoods, but we just kept on down the street.  Seemingly OUT OF NOWHERE, an entire shopping center appeared!  Lo and behold, it was the exact place we were trying to find!

I loved going to dinner, on a hot date with my hubby, dressed up in a new outfit, and ready to eat a phenomenal meal.  The one downside of not having either of our phones was that we couldn't take any pictures!  But the pros vastly outweighed the cons.  It was really cool to have a date without the distractions of even snapping pictures, but being forced to make actual memories of the evening.

I just shared last night at our Ladies Night Out: Cooking & Conversation that this was probably the best meal I have had.  And it reminded me of this verse:

My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, 
and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips…
Psalm 63:5

And this meal was a mere glimpse into the joy and satisfaction that is to be found in the Father.

It was a good birthday.

Mike Nelson snapped some amazing
family photos for us!!  Like a pre-birthday gift!

My birthday breakfast buddies

One of the best presents I got:
double nap time!
(They went to the pool with Grams & the goils,
while I went birthday outfit shopping)

We celebrated with all of the fam on Saturday.
My super awesome prezzies from everybody!

Happy birthday giant brownie ice cream sandwich

cue: birthday song

blow out the candles…
… and hold the pose... 

Sweet collage made by my Naomie!