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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moving Right Along

Facebook fast = so much more time to do EVERYTHING.

Including a third blog post this month!  Having my face away from my phone/computer screen means that I have time to read, pay more active attention to the boys, and quit checking out from the relationships around me.  I have to admit, I've been struggling with that lately.  It's so much easier, in a house full of people, to just not deal with whatever, go to my room, or go on a run, or take the baby upstairs and not think about whatever.  And while it is fine to have some space or 'me-time,' it's not healthy to check out of life instead of engaging in it.

But God is stretching and growing my faith right now.  I really do appreciate the time away from the screen that the Lord is giving me through this gift of fasting.  It's impossible to raise kids that don't want to sit and look at a screen all day long if I'm not the type of person who is willing to walk away from the TV, or put the phone down, or close the laptop.  So here's to real life adventures!

Before I get to pictures, news:  There is a vacancy in the apartments we applied to!  We will be getting more info this week, as they are getting in there to clean up and repaint.  Woo hoo!

This baby loves the being outside,
especially in the pool.

 "Dada, you coming in da pool?"

This kid.

 Miles' drawing of Mike Wazowski

The masterpiece!

Bubbas opening up some mail

Austin's grad announcement!

bike riding in the cul-de-sac

Naomie & Auntie Sara playing the BIG BOWSER
(Can you tell Miles is stressed out?!)

stacking Cheerios on spaghetti noodles

"Whattayou call dis game, Momma?"
I call it 15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet play for you! 

barefoot in the rain


Yikes, Batman, you look different.

Fun Facts this Week:
  • Miles is learning how to swim, thanks to Naomie & Olivia!
  • Bubbas actually can go a whole day without video games.  Ha!
  • When Miles wakes up, he calls downstairs, "Dada?  Momma? Dere's a baby in my room!"  Then I go in there, and see Miles pointing at Jas, just sitting up on the bed, smiling.  It's so great.
  • Bubs will do just about anything to make you laugh
  • Jasper can climb onto the ottoman in the living room
  • Jas loves to hug Grams
  • He will give you slobbery kisses, especially when he first wakes up
  • Jasper likes to inspect your mouth, especially when he thinks you're eating something
    • Seriously, he will stop whatever he is doing (even if he's eating in his high chair) if he notices you move through the kitchen, move your hand to your mouth, or chew.  He will then pry your mouth open with his baby fingers to find out if you're holding out on him.  He's crazy!


  1. Love your updates- you feel les far when I read about what's happening in your part of the world. Speaking of which- SERIOUSLY beautiful scenery in that cul-de-sac!! Haha- Miles is quite an artist! And Jas has the best Batman face in the last picture <3