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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moving Right Along

Facebook fast = so much more time to do EVERYTHING.

Including a third blog post this month!  Having my face away from my phone/computer screen means that I have time to read, pay more active attention to the boys, and quit checking out from the relationships around me.  I have to admit, I've been struggling with that lately.  It's so much easier, in a house full of people, to just not deal with whatever, go to my room, or go on a run, or take the baby upstairs and not think about whatever.  And while it is fine to have some space or 'me-time,' it's not healthy to check out of life instead of engaging in it.

But God is stretching and growing my faith right now.  I really do appreciate the time away from the screen that the Lord is giving me through this gift of fasting.  It's impossible to raise kids that don't want to sit and look at a screen all day long if I'm not the type of person who is willing to walk away from the TV, or put the phone down, or close the laptop.  So here's to real life adventures!

Before I get to pictures, news:  There is a vacancy in the apartments we applied to!  We will be getting more info this week, as they are getting in there to clean up and repaint.  Woo hoo!

This baby loves the being outside,
especially in the pool.

 "Dada, you coming in da pool?"

This kid.

 Miles' drawing of Mike Wazowski

The masterpiece!

Bubbas opening up some mail

Austin's grad announcement!

bike riding in the cul-de-sac

Naomie & Auntie Sara playing the BIG BOWSER
(Can you tell Miles is stressed out?!)

stacking Cheerios on spaghetti noodles

"Whattayou call dis game, Momma?"
I call it 15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet play for you! 

barefoot in the rain


Yikes, Batman, you look different.

Fun Facts this Week:
  • Miles is learning how to swim, thanks to Naomie & Olivia!
  • Bubbas actually can go a whole day without video games.  Ha!
  • When Miles wakes up, he calls downstairs, "Dada?  Momma? Dere's a baby in my room!"  Then I go in there, and see Miles pointing at Jas, just sitting up on the bed, smiling.  It's so great.
  • Bubs will do just about anything to make you laugh
  • Jasper can climb onto the ottoman in the living room
  • Jas loves to hug Grams
  • He will give you slobbery kisses, especially when he first wakes up
  • Jasper likes to inspect your mouth, especially when he thinks you're eating something
    • Seriously, he will stop whatever he is doing (even if he's eating in his high chair) if he notices you move through the kitchen, move your hand to your mouth, or chew.  He will then pry your mouth open with his baby fingers to find out if you're holding out on him.  He's crazy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oh How He Loves

I'm laying in bed (Let me clarify because 'bed' is a pretty loose term for where I'm actually laying.  It's actually a comforter that's on the floor of a mostly empty bedroom, with a few pillows near the wall in the spot where a headboard would go if we had one.  So yeah, I'm laying on the floor.) with Miles tuckered out next to me, and a crying Jasper in his pack & play on the other side of me.  It's bedtime, and I was singing to the boys as they fell asleep, when Jas started to push away from me and fuss a bit.  He does this because I am trying to make it a point to let him fall asleep in his bed, rather than in mine (or my set of comforters on the floor, for that matter), or even in my arms.  He's doing really well actually.  He's already stopped crying, and he is quietly playing as I'm typing this, but it dawned on me that God loves me the same way.

I have rested really well in my heavenly Dada's arms many times, but I fuss and cry when He expects me to rest on my own, in my own bed.  He is a good Father and wants me to know that the place in my life that He has put me is a good place, and that it serves a purpose for me, much like Jas' crib does for him.  It keeps him safely in our room, away from any hazards, and there is soft bedding that he can lay down and sleep on, if he so chooses.  However, sometimes, his choice is to stand up at the edge of the crib, crying out to me, as loudly and sadly as he can, as if I have left him forever to suffer in a tired state of unrest.  But I know better.  I'm his momma.

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! "(Matthew 7:11 ESV)

God knows me.  And thanks to Jesus, He has adopted me as His daughter and sometimes, he says, "Marilyn, it's time for you to be in here," but I protest the entire way, and then ignore all of the things he has provided within that space, the blessings.  I stand at the edge of the boundary, questioning God's goodness,wondering if He has left me here alone forever.  But He wants me to rest in Him.  He wants me to see His faithfulness.  He is showing me that He has equipped me to handle everything in Christ.  Whatever it is that is causing me to doubt God's goodness or faithfulness is exactly what He wants me to learn from.

The great thing about how this analogy breaks down is that God will let me rest in His arms every moment of every day if I run to Him.  And that's healthy.  I don't wear Him out, or keep Him from sleeping at night.  Oh, and also He gave us a bed today.  We're picking it up Saturday.

I love how well He loves me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Start the Summer Fun!

It's already June!  We have been busy Bs for the last few months.  We made a move from Hampton over to Newnan, still living with family - and waiting to hear back from apartment apps we've put in.  I feel like there is SO much going on that I haven't been able to share all of the updates with everyone!

First and foremost, James is now the Creative Arts Director for CrossPointe Peachtree City!  This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and one that includes not only being the praise team leader (rockin'!), but also provides ample opportunity for James to write and develop ideas that he has been working on during the past few years!  We are so excited for this new chapter in our lives, and moving into leadership is exactly what God had in store for JB.  He has just started part time for now, and will be moving to full time soon as we embark on a brand new journey of support-raising (I'm sure I will have more to say about this in future posts).  

Life on the home front has been busy as always, and even more exciting, as we are now staying with James' fam on this end of the highway.  There are lots of us living under one roof, which can be hectic, and at times frustrating, but at the end of the day, I love being with family.  I am so thankful that our boys are growing up with their cousins, aunt and uncle, grandparents, and great-grams!  I can't express how wonderful it is to see our little family being so well loved by so many people!

I'm really enjoying summer, having been here for over a year now!  We arrived in Georgia on May 28, 2013 - with our two-year-old, and my very pregnant belly!  Now we are running around in the heat, humidity, and thunderstorms with an energetic three-year-old, and ten-month-old.  I'll admit, I spend more time in the air conditioned house (or store, or fast food play area) than I do outside, but Miles will go outside and sweat his head off if you give him the chance.  We've gone to the community pool a few times, and the boys love it, but being a parent at the neighborhood pool is a completely different thing - especially when you have two littles that haven't learned how to swim!  Hopefully, we'll be able to get them into swim lessons at some point before the summer is over.

On to pictures and kiddo updates!

Jasper loves to feed himself!
"Don't worry Momma, I've got this."

Miles turned his cap backwards and said,
"Now I'm like Tito Maffew."

Pork belly cooking at Oh My! SamGyupSal
Korean BBQ in Duluth - Jon's farewell dinner

Me & my breakfast anpan

Miles' first ink

Jasper's first finger painting

The Latest about Miles Yo:
  • He LOVES Super Mario Bros. Wii
    • Seriously, he is really good at this game, and asks to play it  E V E R Y D A Y!
  • His fave books right now are:  Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book, I Can Read with my Eyes Shut!, Learning my Numbers, and Over in the Meadow
  • He enjoys the following TV shows:  PAW Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • He is so expressive.  I love the way he describes things.
  • He is getting a handle on nuances of language.  He will often start out sentences with good transitions:
    • "Soooooo, you wan' play Mawio Bruddahs?  Two playews?"
    • "Pecause, I want more chocolate milk."
    • "I got a'idea!  We play downstairs?"
  • His recognition of letters and numbers amazes me because I'm not directly teaching him any of that stuff!
  • He makes me laugh!  Tonight he was going on and on about getting more controllers for the Wii so we could play with more players on Mario Bruddahs, and then suddenly stopped and said, "Good night," and laid his head down!

"I like this giant lollipop!"

Jasper Ulysses Updates:
  • He out-eats Miles at every meal.  Seriously.  Every meal.
  • His favorite things to say are:  
    • "Dadadadadada" and "Momomomo"  
    • "Bubububu" runs a close third (And in typing them out, I realize that he says all of our names already!)
  • He crawls so quickly, I lose track of his whereabouts more often than I'd like to admit!
  • He is pulling up to stand and cruising
  • He can push a walker around
  • He is super ticklish under his chin when you kiss him
  • He will communicate no (shakes head), more (ASL), and waves hello
  • He will give you kisses and high fives
  • He points at things, like pictures in books, his high chair tray (when he wants more food!), his mouth when you tell him "No bite!"

There may be a slight resemblance to his Dada

"How am I out of coffee already?"

As always, I miss my family, but I've felt it more than ever in the last few weeks because Nanay had her 90th birthday on June 1, and Austin is graduating high school tomorrow!  I'm pretty bummed that I won't be there.  I also got sad the other day when I realized that Jasper's first birthday is coming up this August, and he hasn't had the chance to meet much of his California family.  I am so thankful that Matthew & my Mom flew out when he was a few days old, and that he has so many loving arms to cuddle him here… but I would love for us to be able to get back to Riverside to see everyone.  I wish I could say I knew when that would even be a possibility, but for now, I will do my best to keep the updates coming.  Until next time...