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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#GoVoxBox Adventures!

I became a member of @Influenster Nation, and received my first Vox Box in the mail a few weeks ago!  I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes. 

I got tons of fun goodies, and wanted to review them here.  :)

  • @PlaytexSportandGentleGlide Fresh Balance Tampons
    • These were pretty typical of this brand:  easy to use, comfortable, and convenient!  The one bonus that I noticed was the scent that is added.  It was a nice surprise when I opened the box!
  • @BlueDiamond Blueberry Almonds
    • These were a little odd.  I love almonds, and I love blueberries... but I didn't care for the blueberry flavor that these had
  • @VitaminShoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake
    • These were a great meal replacement.  I had them for breakfast, and they were really filling!  I liked the flavors, and the shaker bottle that they came with.
  • @Profoot_Inc Triad Orthotic
    • I used this insert in my sneakers on a walk I took with the kids, and they were really effective!  I plan to keep them in there in place of the inserts that came with my shoes!

That is all I have used so far, and when I use the rest, I will review them as well!