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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Brings Life

I love spring.  I think I appreciate it even more here because this past winter has been so strange.  We had frozen pipes during the first snow storm (which are rare in Georgia anyway!), then we lost power (and therefore heat) during the ice storm.  We had days that were barely above freezing, but Miles insisted on playing outside anyway.  I actually don't mind the cold; bundling up is just another few layers to put on before stepping out the door!

But I am welcoming spring with open arms!  It has been beautiful outside, rain or shine!  There are beautiful blooming trees everywhere, and yesterday was 80ยบ - Miles and I got to take a sweet golf cart ride with some amazing friends, and play in the park yesterday afternoon.

And spring brings new life with it.  Dormant trees begin to bud, bloom, and blossom, and this season is ushering in new changes in the Brown family as well.  I truly feel that we're on the brink of something remarkable.  I don't exactly have the words to put to it, yet - so that means no details for you right now - but living in anticipation of the Holy Spirit's movement is really cool.  It makes me think of the Argentine Tango class James and I took last year (Has it been that long since this post?).  I love dance/Spirit comparisons because they always speak to me.  Partner dancing is really only fun and beautiful if you partner well, meaning you must be able to follow, respond, and read cues appropriately.  So we're moving with God, and when it is in step with Him, my goodness, it's lovely.

Oh!  And speaking of dance, I will start subbing for Zumba classes soon!  Hopefully this will lead to teaching my own class again!

All this to say:

  • Continue to pray for God's will to be revealed
  • Pray that we would be bold in our witness to share Jesus with others
  • Pray for James and I to respond in love and obedience

The boys are certainly enjoying the warmer weather, too!  Miles loves water play, and he sports his new flip-flops in true California style:  all the time!!

MilesYo Updates:
  • Favorite movie:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    • "Okay, Momma, you be Sam Sparks, and I be Flint."
    • "Baloney?!"  "Baloney, that is a food!
  • Potty training is going really well.  The dude is such a rock star.  Waiting until three was the best advice I ever heeded.  Thank you Kim C.!
  • I am constantly amazed by his generosity
  • He already has a personal connection to art
    • When "Happy" by Pharrell comes on the radio, he yells, "Dat my song, Momma!"
  • He loves the Pink Panther, has every episode on our DVD memorized, and he can tell you what will happen based on the title card before the cartoon even starts

JasperU - the Latest:
  • This 8-month-old is on the go - belly scooting, pulling up to stand, grabbing chairs, doors and anything in reach
  • He is such a good eater - I'm seriously surprised he's not chunkier!
  • He knows he's being funny when he crinkles his nose and snorts
  • He loves pointing at things
  • He is so fascinated by mouths, and tries to fish-hook me and get my teeth/tongue
  • He may be left-handed, but I know it's too early to tell

Hugs and bugs,
Gosh, Georgia, so many bugs...