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Monday, March 31, 2014

Three is the Magic Number

Miles Yossarian is three years old now!  We had a fabulous time celebrating him this weekend.  A few weeks ago, James and I asked Miles what he wanted for his birthday, and he responded,
"A kite.  A monkey kite."
Hmm.. okay, I figured, 'I'm creative.  I can figure something out.'  But as time wore on, and his birthday  approached, I just googled it, and found that such a thing does exist!  I ordered the cutest one, and it arrived a few days later!  We also got him the "tiny scissors" and paints he asked for.  On Saturday (his actual birthday) Miles awoke to a hallway with balloons and a banner, and greetings from Mama and Dada as he came into our room.  He is too sweet!  We headed downstairs, after James and Miles tossed all the balloons down, and he opened presents from Grandpa, Nona, Tita Michelle & fam, and Tito Mark & Tita Jenny, and Pop-Pop - oh, and from us, too!  He is so loved by so many people!

"It looks liiiiiike... flashlights!  Oh, and batteries!"

Excited about his camping play set from Nona

"I love my sleeping bag!"

"What?  Tita Jenny & Tito Mark sent me something, too?!"

Blurry, but Miles is going full tilt!

After curling up in his new sleeping bag to watch Hotel Transylvania, we got ready and grabbed lunch at Chick-Fil-A Truett's Luau.  It was actually really tasty!  Then we headed over to Ammy & Grandpa Dave's for the Spider-Man birthday fun!  Miles picked out a really awesome cake, and Salli got super fun decorations to match.  The first thing Bubs wanted to do was try out his monkey kite.  But when he walked inside, he saw Spencer finishing up putting together the tricycle, and he was almost breathless!  James brought it outside, and we brought the kite out, too.  It was a little windy, but we just didn't get a steady enough gust to get the kite going.

"Okay, wind, get going!"

"I'm ready, Momma!"

"Run, run, run!" 

We told him to 'smile' 

Eating a spidey ring pop

Smooch from his cuzzo

Birthday boy with balloons and cake!



Miles wanted to open each present
next to the people who got them for him

Zingo from the Wadsworths!

Opening his new Spider Man chair from Grams

On Sunday, we had a zoo outing with the fam.  It was the perfect day, although we did need to get over how chilly it was that morning!  When we got to the zoo, it was SO windy!  I wished we had brought the kite, but it probably wouldn't be the best idea to run around a parking lot, trying to get a kite to fly!  We got to see nearly all the animals, and managed to stay bundled until the later morning, when the steady sunshine warmed the air enough to take our coats off!

James and I had free tickets from the library program, two adults and two kids - so Olivia used our extra ticket (Jasper was free).  I asked if they did anything special for kids on their birthday, and the woman in the ticket window referred to having a party there, which we weren't really interested in, and as I was about to thank her and head over to the entrance, she asked, "Would you like a ride bracelet?"  It was so sweet!  Then Salli & Dave used our City Passes from when my Mom and Matthew were visiting, which came with two ride bracelets, and then she just gave them a free ticket for Naomie!  God's favor is so amazing.  He is so wonderful, and just took all the stress of spending too much money on an outing away.

Our second exhibit:  The Parakeets & Budgies
Miles got to feed one!

These two meerkats are my favorite 

Miles on a giraffe's head 

Bubs & a rhinoceros 

Lion cub Bubs

The kiddos and Willie B.

silverback gorilla

These chickadees have my heart!

"I see da bear!"

This little bear hung out with me all day.

Naomie and the twin baby pandas

Ammy & Jas


Olivia and the Komodo Dragon

The reptile exhibit has a fancy exterior
Bubs went head to head with that tortoise

sweet boy

sweet baby

Tiger wanted to go for a swim

My hubs is so cool.

Carousel ride - Miles wanted the cassowary,
but he settled for the tiger

Jasper and Ammy 

Miles can swing like King Louie 

playground fun

the girls wanted to experience
'The Winds of Africa' 

Miles and I holding Spidey's hands

Miles is my joy, and my song.  He is so much fun to be around and knows just how to make me laugh! Hanging out with him is my favorite job I have ever had (and definitely the most challenging)!  I know he will accomplish great things because he already has.

Happy birthday to you, Miles!