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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cold Fronts and New Frontiers

What is this crazy place called Georgia?!  We had quite the adventure last month when the snow "storm" hit.  We got a whopping three inches!  Having grown up skiing with the fam, I was so confused by the mass hysteria, and lack of bread/eggs in the grocery store when the roads cleared up a few days later.  It turns out that snow and ice happen so rarely in Georgia that there is nary a snow plow to be found.  That being said, roads are not ever cleared up, and therefore become completely dangerous to front-wheel-drive cars, such as the Yaris we own.  I was actually at a friend's house with the kiddos when the snow started to fall that Tuesday.  Thankfully, I made it home just fine, and only lost traction twice.  It really was not that bad, but people here haven't even heard of snow chains, so I was more weary of other drivers.

On the plus side, James was home and played in the snow with Miles, who LOVED it.  Bubbas didn't mind that his hands were cold and wet, and his nose was red and running.  I would love to get this boy on skis someday!

Then, the next weekend, temps were back in the 50s and 60s, and we had lovely walks outside, and fun at the park!  Go figure.

Muppet baby

Guapo boy

Our first B-Ball game together didn't include LA,
but at least Miami lost!
Snow day number one!

The shark boots

JB bundled up

Snow day two!

Our snow castle

Backyard loveliness

"Dada?  Where are you?  You listen?"

"I cryun like a baby. 'WAHHH!'"


 Miles loves making faces! 
He was "crying" here.


 Weeks later, it was warm out,
and we found this skull at the park 

Jasper loves to:
  • try to climb up you when you're holding him
  • flip from his back onto his belly and try to fly
  • scooch backwards
  • eat and eat and eat
    • milk, formula, rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, and whatever we're eating as well!
      • Praise God for WIC - we get free baby food!!
      • We're still doing the table food as well... pictures to come. :D
  • laugh
  • be kissed
  • chill in his diaper
  • be with Momma

Miles loves to:
  • say, "I'll be right back in a minute," as he's leaving the room to get something
  • play, dance, sing, and run
  • go to the playground and play with "my kids!"
  • watch Silly Symphonies, and his Coyote & Roadrunner cartoons
  • eat candy - even black licorice!  :P
  • eat kid's meals at Wendy's
  • wear his glove hands
  • play Mario Kart on the Wii at Ammy's house
  • look at pictures with me
  • give hugs
  • be with Dada

*  *  *  *  *

So we're feeling a tug again.  I don't know what God has in store, but both James and I are on the same page in that we know there is a new leg to our journey.  We would love your prayers as God reveals more of His plan for our family, and what comes next.  I will keep you updated as we learn more.