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Thursday, December 5, 2013

November is Over Already?

Sheesh that month flew by!  Well, it's time for me to catch up via photos.  Here we go!

Collecting Nature in our backyard

This boy loves to be held
Out on a chilly November morn

Miles and Jasper are so blessed because we got to visit with their Auntie Bethie, Uncle Clayton, and Grandpa, who drove out from Missouri to celebrate Thanksgiving with us!  When they got in, we ate dinner at Longhorn.
"Taking Pictures"

Jasper's giant eyes

"Uncle Clayton, can I have a bite?" 

Bubs and Grandpa watching 
football at the bar 

Thanksgiving Day! 

Delicious meal prepared by Salli - YUM! 


Even Jas needed a nap after that meal!

Friday, we got started with an early lunch at Antico Pizza.  It's an experience that I would love to have in my life a lot more often!  When you walk in, it seems like a tiny restaurant that doesn't have enough seating - there's a fridge for soft drinks and a small bakery window (pictured below) that shows the varieties of cannolis they have.  But then you step into the back (which we thought was just the kitchen), and it is a large room with long benches and no plates - just rolls of brown paper towels.  The pizza comes out on a huge baking sheet, and you grab a piece in a paper towel, fold, and eat!

They blast Italian opera music, and you see people working in the dough room, and then over on the other side, they're tossing pizza, and cooking them in the wood burning ovens.  Amazing!!!!!

Back in Atlanta on Black Friday 

Having fun in the back room 

Oh man, it was amazing 

Beth and a sweet, hot pepper 

Mark, don't do it!
(They weren't too bad, actually)

Jubs is drooling... that's normal.

This guy is defs up to something. 

I seriously would've been happy hanging out at Antico all day, but we headed over to the Georgia Aquarium.  We've gotten really good use out of our passes.  This is our third visit this year!  Sadly, JB and I missed the Star Spinner in the dolphin show, but it was a great day.

For dinner that night, we ate at the Atlanta Fish Market - very tasty!  Bethie & Clayton got some pictures, but I think James and I were so into eating our dinner that we forgot.

1, 2, 3, WHEE!

Grandpa and his boys 

"Um, I liiiike the dolphin." 

Merry Christmas! 

Visiting the Georgia Aquarium
River fishies 

We see penguins
(and Tobias Funke's reflection)

Jasper loves his Grandpa

"No, no, don't speak.  There aren't any words..." 


There's one right there!

"What? AHHH!!!"

Double chin dude 

No Neck Joe!

 Assisted sitting?  Check.
P.S.  It's all about PLEs now

Celebrating James the Sunday after Thanksgiving

Watching the steam... 

... from the Low Country Boil
mm, mm, mm

"You need help with that cookie, Dada?" 

"I can definitely help with that."

The cutest kids I have the pleasure to know
all attend our community group!

James, jamming on his new Schecter
(birthday present from his fam!)

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