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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Twenty-Thirteen

We had a blast trick-or-treating this year in Salli & Dave's neighborhood.  I was up until 2AM finishing the boys' costumes.  It's not the latest I've stayed up to finish costumes... although I was sad that James and I didn't dress up this year.  It's the first Halloween in probably 12 years that I haven't had a costume.  Oddly enough, I didn't really do much on Halloween when I was in college.  You'd think those would be my craziest costumes - but I wasn't into partying really.

But I digress.  I have all the materials for a fantastic costume, too - maybe next year.  On to the pictures!

Smiling wit his eyes 
- Tyra would be proud

I wish the fox muzzle stayed on...

Happy Halloween from us!
(I love that Bubs is holding his bow backwards) 
(Oh, and that Jasper doesn't have shoes under his booties)

"Um, I got cannee inder."


Walking hand in hand with the girls
(Sophia and Naomie)

"Trick or treat!"

" Take that!"

 Robin Hook!

" Oh no, the alien!"


Auntie Sardee and a tiny Freddy Kruger

" Let's go dapay."


"Sweet dreams..."

It was really a great night.  There were lots of kids out and about.  We spotted Jessie, Woody, and Buzz from Toy Story, trick-or-treating with Tinkerbell.  Miles really liked this kid in a weird spandex tiger costume.  There was a baby Dracula, and two cute zombies (probably around 9-10 years old) that stayed in character while we waited for candy.  We made a quick pit stop at a friend's house on the way so Jasper could eat, and then he fell asleep.  Miles had fun playing with the Nerf gun - and they educated us about what the fox says...

*  *  *  *  *

One last thing:

"Oh, hi there, I'm Jasper.  Jasper Ulysses"