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Saturday, October 26, 2013

James' Spooktacular Set List...

Also, this happened on Friday:

Well, Hello Autumn!

So many things to update about!  I wish I could say that I will be more consistent about updating, but once a month is pretty good in my opinion, especially as I am still acclimating to caring for two kiddos at home all day!

Fall has fallen in Georgia!  The overnight low this weekend is below freezing!  I love it because some of my favorite clothes are layers with sweaters and scarves, and I'll actually have a functional reason to wear things like that out here - not simply for fashion, although that never stopped me before!

The first weekend of Fall, there was a Fall Festival in the city of Lovejoy, just one town over, and the entire event was free!  It was so hot that day, but we had a great time.

Miles meeting the firefighters

Not really happy in the jumper

 blowing bubbles

free cotton candy

sweat is the perfect hair product

horse ride with Dada

the puppet master

Nannie and Jasper hanging out on the porch

Japanfest was in the city of Duluth on September 21-22, and I had really high expectations.  I remember attending the Japanese Expo in LA on a third grade field trip.  I volunteered to do a rice paper demonstration, and learned various origami folds.  I also remember performing with my Aikido class a year or two later at another similar function.  The best part was always the food.

We met up with Salli, Dave, Sara, Spencer, and the 'goils' - Naomie and Olivia.  I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed... especially with the food, but we had a good time.  Great company always makes up for stuff not being as cool as you had hoped.

balloon man taiko drummer

fold me 1,000 cranes for good luck!

"Look out!" 


free snow cone?  Yes!

"Okay, you can have some, Uncle Spencer." 

"I'm definitely not too sure about this guy."

Jasper snoozed the entire time 


concentrating = making the same face as this guy

rock and roller 


Miles made a tableful of friends


The best-best part was actually after we went to Japanfest.  James and I went to a town called Doraville, which has a myriad of Asian markets.  The one we chose to shop at is called H Mart.  I was blown away!  Seriously, I was so happy to be there, and get anpan & coffee, and a yummy pork fried rice plate (I typed 'pork friend rice' at first - which is also true).  The dumplings were organized by cuisine type - Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.  There was pretty much an entire wall of mochi ice cream to choose from in the freezer section.  We made sure to buy gyoza, and Chinese sausage.  I can't wait for our next trip out that way!

Last Sunday, we went to what we thought was simply a pumpkin patch, but turned out to be a gorgeous fall/harvest fun time at Southern Belle Farms in McDonough.  Oh, by the way, whenever I tell someone about where this place is, Miles starts singing "Old McDonough had a farm..."  It's pretty close to the real thing, and that's how he pronounces McDonald anyway.

Georgia skies are so beautiful

hello, silos

 Li'l J and I

"with a 'moo moo' here..." 

"... and a 'maaa maaa' there."

sweet boy 

Had to take the obligatory picture in the giant rocker.
It was fun climbing up there in a skirt! 

"Hee hawwww!" 

tractor ride

"Yep, I've been here before."
He hasn't, but that's what the tour guide asked, so Miles rose his hand.

We entered the corn maze at Entrance 1...
and came right back out the same way!  Ha!!

This kid.

I think he was trying to get the bumblebee 

Hey, look at this fancy thing!  I didn't even know I could make one of these!

We actually didn't even see the pumpkins that day.  We're going to the pumpkin patch with the folks tomorrow, so I will actually have a second post this month!  Imagine that!

*  *  *  *  *

Fun Facts...

... about Miles
- He encourages me to memorize scripture and recall it any time!  I love when he sings 1 Thes. 5:17 or Jeremiah 29:13 to himself... it's so sweet.
- He can't decide if he likes Agent J or Boris the Animal better (from MIB III)
- His favorite song right now is "Changes" by David Bowie
- One of my favorite expressions of his is "Oh, dat uh pretty cool!"
- He has Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaur! by Sandra Boynton memorized - so he will read it to you if you ask him to
- His memory astounds me - he can recall events from several months ago, and he even remembers everyone that was there!
  e.g.  "Oh, dat Tito Maffew and da fwog!?  I try touch it?!"  You 'member that?"
- He has recently started calling James and I "Bs" because that is our nickname for one another, as in "Hey Bs!  Come here!"
- He absolutely hates conflict, and will leave the room when he knows certain scenes in a movie are coming up  (When Boris is yelling at his younger self, when Agent J gets punched/slapped, any time Dracula gets the red angry face)
- He has a love/freaked out relationship with "Halloween Stuff"

... about Jasper
- He smiles socially, and recently started laughing
- He will try to grab you if you're close enough to his baby arms
- He will speak French to you
- I've caught him scooching around his beddy-bye basket if he's on his belly - his toes are so strong!
- He is currently wearing 0-3m or 3m clothing - big boy!!!
- He would sleep all day if I carried him in the sling... and sometimes I do
- He doesn't mind laying awake in bed (sometimes), and can do so for 10-15 minutes at a time

Miles pirate gear from Nona's care package

Fall foliage underfoot

Bubs and I made mini-pizzas for dinner one night

(In his super squeaky voice)
"Hiiii Baby Ja'per!"

Being silly with Momma

Today's adventures included:

More Georgia sky - these two were taken today: