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Monday, July 29, 2013

Counting Down to Baby

Today marks 38 weeks + 3 days!  I have a feeling that Peanut shall be joining us sooner than later, but I know that Salli & Sara are hoping that baby holds out until at least after the baby shower they're planning for Saturday!  I hope so too, but I had a few contractions early this morning that kept James and I paranoid after I woke up a couple of times.  But it wasn't time yet, so we're just making sure we're ready.

We've gone down the list of home birth supplies, and have a posted checklist of James' stuff to prep the day I go into labor.  Since the baby shower isn't until Saturday, we don't really have a lot of things to set up, aside from the few things we saved from Miles' nursery days.  I've been wanting to 'nest' for the last few weeks, but the baby will be staying in our room until we find a place of our own, so there's actually not too much to do!  I've already washed and set up the blankets and clothes in drawers, as well as put together a changing area.  

On my list:
  • James - move out night stand to make room for bassinet/sling
  • Miles - create a painting to hang on the wall
  • Get a Big Brother present for Bubbas
That's pretty much it!  I'm taking it easy, and declared (with a big smile on my face) that I will no longer be sweeping the floor!  James is a champ, and has been taking on household responsibilities as I've been growing more and more preggo.  He's always helped with stuff like that anyway, so it wasn't a huge transition for us.  I think it's just harder on me, going between feeling like I should be doing more and then feeling exhausted after trying to do one normal chore!

We're trying to take extra time with Miles as his reign as only child is coming to an end... and his role as big brother will soon ensue!  He is so funny with my belly, he'll gently pat or rub it, or lay his head down on me and say, in a super-high-pitched voice, "Aww, da babeee!  Da baby is coming soon."  He'll sing songs and tell stories to Peanut, too.  I can't wait to see him with Baby.

On a walk to the convenience 
store down the street 
(I love my preggo belly in the top right)

My purchase:  Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar
Good Humor, of course!

Bubbas in his bubble bath

Miles found his froggy mask from the aquarium

Well, it's time for a nap!

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