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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Departure = Arrival

Leaving one place implies reaching the next part of the journey.  So we're here.  In Georgia.

I wanted to jot a few things down (or type them on here, I guess) to help keep me grounded.  I will get some pictures up very soon of Miles' first plane ride and meeting his fam on this side of the U.S. - but there are some important items I want to reflect upon as this adventure continues to unfold.

I absolutely hate leaving.  As a kid, I hated going to bed before everyone else.  I relished family parties, which were the only exception to the rule of bedtime before all those older than me, when I was allowed to stay up as late as I possibly could, which was usually until the last guests left late into the night.  Goodbyes are never easy, and I have formed some of the most meaningful relationships in the last year of my life.

But when I'm spiritually honest, I know that

  1. My most important relationships traveled with me (God, James, Miles, Peanut)
  2. My lovely family and friends will always be with me because our love for each other is deeper than location
  3. Goodbyes suck
However, as the Beatles put it, you say goodbye, and I say hello.  There are so many new experiences awaiting our family here.  Miles is already in love with his cousins, Naomi and Olivia.  They've already spent time fighting over who gets to play with him next.  These girls are so sweet, and they're so good with him that I can just sit back and crochet because they are his li'l mommies.  He loves to make everyone laugh, them especially.

I could go on (and I will in an upcoming post with pictures), but I need to get back to the main reason I started this post...

Our Prayer Requests
  • That both James and I would be intentional in our continued study of God's word daily, spending time in prayer, and seeking His will for how we can serve this community at this time
  • Praise God that He provided a new compy for us - this one is on its last legs, and God used dear friends of ours to provide a new one
  • Praise God for Miles' first experience on two airplane rides.  He was so well behaved, and such a doll, toting his own rolling luggage
  • To stay attuned to the Holy Spirit, seeking His movements, and falling in step with Him, being filled daily by His word
  • This transitory time: adjusting to the time change, Miles' sleep schedule with company, practical items such as work/car/schedule/etc.


  1. Miss you already! So glad the blog is still up and running! <3

    1. @Elise - Miss you, too!! As soon as we upload our pictures, I will introduce you to our fam on this side of the States!!!!