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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's on my Mind?


Yes, the rumors are true.

And for those of you who haven't heard anything, James, Miles, new Baby, and I are moving... to Georgia.

I'm actually really excited!  This journey has been an adventure from the start, and I am so blessed to have all of you along for the ride.  This current chapter began at the end of February, when we put our house up for sale.  James had stepped out of working at his warehouse job before the end of last year, and we have been completely dependent upon God's provision for our family.

God is so incredibly good.  For the first two months, James' unemployment insurance wasn't processing correctly, so that was quite a test.  Still, there was not one day we went hungry, or wondered if we would be taken care of.  In fact, there was one point we had at least 6 different varieties of crackers alone.  I said they were like our manna in the wilderness!  Ha!  The entire time (and still), we would keep track of our blessings in our Blessings Bucket - the Zumba gift that Elise had given me months before!  At one point, I really think Jesus sent us a greeting card.  It was from a zip code I didn't recognize, with an unsigned card that encouraged us greatly - along with two gift cards:  One for gas, and the other for Target!  Since James' unemployment insurance kicked in at the start of the new year, we have been more than covered for everything, except our mortgage.  We continued to pray about James getting work here that would support our family, in our home.

Eventually, we knew that we had to put the house on the market.  But we didn't do it rashly or without discernment.  In fact, when we were praying about it, I think it was James who worded it this way:
"God, we're giving this house up to you as an offering..."
In my Bible Study Fellowship, we were studying Abraham at that time.  He was sending his servant back to Padan-aram to find Isaac a wife, and this servant prayed a very reasonable prayer - asking for a sign from God to know which woman would be a suitable wife, and lead him to the right family, per Abraham's instructions.

When we prayed about our house, we prayed a very specific, reasonable prayer.  We basically agreed that if we received an offer at or above the listing price, that it would be a sign to move forward, and that we would need to get ready to move out.  But if something happened during escrow, like a low appraisal, or if we didn't receive any offers at the listing price, then we would know that God wanted us to stay, and that He would provide James work here.

Well, two weeks after showing the house, we got an offer for above the listing price, and everything was going really well!  The house appraised for the amount offered, and the inspection came back clear.  We started to make our arrangements for the date we were told escrow would be closed by:  April 5.  We talked about all of our options:  renting a place here, staying with friends or family locally, or picking up and moving out... and we felt that leaving California is the next step in this adventure!

At that time, we had a little over two weeks to get movers, plane tickets, and pack up the house.  Since then, God has continued to allow our faith to be stretched and challenged.  It looks like we will be waiting until the end of this month.  Yes, we did have airline tickets to leave for Atlanta on the 8th, however, we've since cancelled them, and are waiting for more information on the closing date of the sale.

All that being said, I would just like to ask for your continued prayers and support during this time.  Everyone has been amazing during this entire process, and I know for a fact that our family is continually sustained by Jesus Christ.  There is absolutely no way we would have come this far, and still be joyful if it wasn't for Him.  There is no one in the world I would rather be with on this journey, and God has blessed me... not only with His presence, but also with an amazing husband and son, both of whom are the most imaginative, remarkable people I know!!

When we know the date of departure, we will definitely let everyone know, but as for now, please pray for us as we wait.  Waiting time does not have to be wasted time.  (If knowing all of this makes you anxious or concerned, imagine how James and I must feel!)  But like I wrote before, God is good.

He's good all the time.

1 comment:

  1. AAACK!!! My heart hurts. :0(
    I admire you - so thankful you are at peace with it all. <3