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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hap' Birt'day, Na Na!

Miles is TWO years old!!

Gosh, time sure flies.  And we are definitely having fun!  We celebrated three days in a row.

Friday, March 29

This was Miles' actual birthday.  It started with a delicious birthday donut, and one present from us.

He got a Nerf basketball hoop - the kind that goes over the door!  After we all got ready, we caught Wreck-It Ralph at the $2 theater in Moreno Valley.  Miles had an awesome time!  He ate his lunch there (hot dog & lemonade), and enjoyed watching his very first movie in the theater!!

Getting ready to go in

Tickets, please!

"I made it through the whole movie!"

It was good Friday, so we went to service at Renewal, and later, joined Scott, Summer, and Shane for dinner at Islands.  It was delicious, but we were all tired, and went right to bed when we got home at almost 10pm!

Saturday, March 30
Clarissa & I threw our boys a "Cookies & Milk" birthday party at her house, and everything turned out great!  Miles had so much fun playing with all of his buddies and eating tasty food - especially the desserts.

Clarissa's super cute banner idea

The cookies, cupcakes, and milk
Yum yum! 

Backyard playtime!

The jumper was the most popular toy

"I just want the blue stuff..."

Miles has been coloring every day since Saturday!

Sunday, March 31
Easter Sunday was lovely!  We went to service at Renewal, and I got to serve in nursery, which meant that I hung out with Miles and the baby buddies!  It was so much fun, and with three other helpers, we had a blast!

It was overcast, and cool, which was great for the egg hunt at Michelle's that afternoon.  Miles loves being with his cousins anyway, but finding eggs was a definite bonus!  Plus, he got more birthday fun and presents after that.

"I'm ready!  Let me at 'em!"

"Oh, what's that?!"

"Sophia, I see another one!"

"I can open these?"

"Hey cousins, did you know some of these have CANDY?!"

"What?  I didn't find any chocolate!"

It was such a fun weekend, and Sunday night, we all went to bed early - Miles conked out in the car, and didn't wake up until the next morning.  All week, he's been pulling different toys, puzzles, and books out of his present bags, and keeping himself really busy!  We got to use his sand toys at the park, and all the kids loved them!  Oh, and the basketball hoop is set up, which James loves just as much as Miles does.  Haha!

Thank you everyone for celebrating with us, near and far!  I can't believe the boy is TWO!

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