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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

20 Weeks Already?!

A little update with a few pictures...

I am 20 weeks and 4 days!!

"Hello, I'm five months along!"

And as soon James picks up our memory card from his buddy, I will upload the promised pictures of Miles - who will be TWO YEARS OLD this Friday!!  Can you believe it?!  I can't.  It has gone too, too fast.

There are so many things I wish we could get him for his second birthday, but we can only choose a few gifts.  But if I can dream a little, I'd get him everything.  For those of you who have asked, here is Bubs' sizes (2T right now in pants and shirts) & wish list:
  • tricycle
  • wagon (that he can ride in!)
  • awesome shoes (size 8)
  • soccer ball
  • swim trunks and beach toys
  • coloring books and crayons
  • books, books, and more books - this boy LOVES to read - he won't get in his bed without a book.
There are other things, but James and I need to do our shopping, too!  I can't wait for Easter this year, when Miles will actually know what's happening, and not try to throw the eggs like a ball (hopefully!).  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

No Pictures? Please.

This must be a first.

Maybe not, but usually, I am really good about posting, and when I do, I most definitely include pictures.  But there has been quite a lot of adventuring going on in the Brown household, to say the least.

[And in all honesty, I don't know exactly how much I'm going to include here, as many, many, many things are up in the air... but when I sort it out enough, I am quite sure I will post about it.]

Let's start with a quick update since my last post in stinkin' January.

First, I just want to say that my lack of posts is really no fault of my own.  James has taken our computer hostage every single day, working on building his writing portfolio, and when he's done working, I don't usually want to look at a computer screen for very long.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and son, and just want to be with them.  I've also spent less time taking pictures.  I suppose that is my fault.  I can't blame anyone for that one.  Oh well.

But here are some February-current updates:

I have been teaching my Tuesday night Zumba class for over a month now, and it is going pretty well.  There are a couple of regular attenders, and several people who have checked it out.  I'm praying that God will continue to grow the class as time goes on.  I absolutely love Nicole F. - she has been an amazing trainer and boss, and such an encouragement to me as my sister in Christ!  James has been great, and super encouraging as well!

Speaking of hubs, he and I signed up for ballroom dance lessons at Fox Dance Studios, using the gift certif he got me for my birthday last July!  We are learning the Argentine Tango!!  There are way more people in the class than I thought there would be - and ladies are evenly matched with gents, so the rotation is great!  I'm learning that although I pick up steps really quickly, that's only half the battle:  learning to follow a leader in partner dancing is super challenging for me.  But it's so cool to learn along with James, who is learning to lead.  I have to say, it's really great for our marriage too - just like the tandem bike experience on my birthday two years ago.

Miles is sprouting up like crazy.  Sometimes I just step back and look at him, wondering where the time has gone.  He'll be two at the end of the month, and he is articulating so much, it simply amazes me.  I mean, I can't deny God's fingerprints all over kids... I think that's why I've always loved them.  Kids are remarkable observers, and just incredibly smart.  I sit in awe of how our Creator made us, especially at the age Bubs is at now.  He makes me laugh, and has such imaginative play.  He entertains his friends, and expresses himself really clearly.  Here are some of the latest fun things I've noticed:

  • Miles LOVES to play with his Daddy.  If James gets him in the morning, the first words out of Miles' mouth are, "Outside?  Baseball?"  Of course, it sounds more like, "Ou'sigh? Booball?"
  • He sings songs all the time.  Some are songs I know (Happy Birthday, ABC, Itsy Bitsy Spider), some are words that he knows ("Mama, dada, belly, milk..."), and sometimes it's just singing, but he is a musical child, that's for sure.
  • He's at that fun (and probably dangerous) time of mimicking words/phrases that you say.  I love telling him to say long, multi-syllabic words like 'precisely' and 'continually'
  • I think Miles knew 2 was coming up because he's testing the waters of that "Terrible" stage we all hear about.  He's mostly just testing us by not listening, or deliberately disobeying.  But we're pretty good about consistency, so it's cool.
  • I think he's got a growth spurt on the horizon because he's eating so much more than he did just a few months ago.
  • His favorite toys/games right now are:
    • baseball
    • bocce ball
    • "blocks" = his Duplo farm set
    • his Cars ramp
    • Little People (classic set)
    • being pulled in our neighbor's grandson's wagon
    • taking something out, and then putting it back... again and again
  • His favorite books are:
    • Cookie Monster's Good Time to Eat
    • Where the Wild Things Are
    • Pop Up Dinosaur book
    • Where's Waldo (a Wendy's prize!)
    • I Like it When... Me Gusta Cuando
  • His current movie faves are:
    • Mary Poppins
    • Funhouse Fitness (weird kid's exercise vid from the 90s)
    • The Care Bears Movie (1985)
    • Alice in Wonderland
Miles also loves video games, especially Mike Tyson's Punch Out.  He just calls it 'Boxing,' and then pantomimes knocking out an opponent, and pumps his fists in the air saying, "Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!"  The kid cracks me up!

My pregnancy is going well.  As of today, I am 19 weeks and 2 days along.  I can't believe I'm almost half way done with this!  I'll need to start taking my belly pictures to compare with my first ones!  The second trimester is definitely smoother sailing than the first.  I am able to pretty much eat what I want without feeling ill, though I keep Tums stocked in our pantry.  The afternoon sickness has gone away comepletely, thank goodness!  I haven't had cravings as much, though one morning a few weeks ago, I woke up and told James I wanted a bento box.  He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "A bento box?  B, it's breakfast time."  I didn't care, that sounded good.  I didn't get one until that evening, but it was very satisfying.

As soon as I can get to a scanner, I'll upload all three ultrasound pictures I have.  I promise I'll be better about taking more pictures, too.  I know there are some on our camera that I just haven't uploaded yet, but I'll get to it within the month.  Until next time...