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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year, More Adventures!

Pregnant Marilyn = slacker.

I didn't post once in December!

You know, I think it had to do with the fact that the Christmas season flew by without warning.  I feel like we were on an off-road adventure the entire month - fun, crazy, a little bit daring, but mostly thrilling!  And it didn't help that Miles and I both got sick shortly after the new year.

I didn't even download Miles' picture with Santa from Bass Pro's website!  Gosh, what has happened to my web-savviness?  *Oh, that's right, I am a full-time stay-at-home-Momma!*  It is not easy to sit in front of a computer with Miles B. running about.  Also, James has had the compy with him to work on his writing portfolio during the day.  And once the evening rolls around, I don't want to ignore my family!

A few photos from last month:
Davy Crockett at Bass Pro

Fam Photo by the big tree

"Bacon, huh? I could learn to like this"

Festival of Lights with Lolo

Smiley boy at Nona Babsie's

Christmas Morning!

Fun Golf set from Auntie Bethy & Uncle Clayton

Cement Truck from Nanay
through the Mega Blok tower 

T-ball from Grandpa -
winding up... 


While the guys played outside,
I used my math skills to utilize the oven
for Christmas dinner 

Meals all week

Now that catching up is done, I do want to say with affirmation:

I am pregnant!

I'm 11 weeks now, and feeling healthy.  Peanut is about the size of a small fig, less than 2 inches long.  This kid is already so different than Miles.  I can tell because this pregnancy is completely different:
  •  I feel nauseous every day at about 4:30 on the dot (or whenever I wake up from my after-lunch nap time! Haha)
  •  I have food aversions like the dickens
  • I kept craving cold pizza, even though it gave me heartburn when I finally got some
  • My digestive tract is acting dumb
  • I've been breaking out a lot
  • My dreams, although vivid like last time, are really boring and uneventful!
Still, I love being pregnant, and I am thrilled to meet this little one come August.  I will need to start my monthly belly photos next week, when I'm 3 months and showing a little more - I mean, no one needs to see me pretending it's baby bump, when it's just chubby bump.  Hee hee!

*  *  *  *  *

In other news, I found a job teaching Zumba!  

Correction:  God had this job for me all along!

I will definitely post more about this soon, as the details are ironed out, and I'm officially on the payroll.  It's a little bit of a drive, but I am thrilled to be working with a sister in Christ, who has really similar convictions about fitness being a ministry through both movement and music!!!!

Life is challenging right now with James looking for more work, but God is so faithful, and this adventure is too fun not to join Him on!  Continue to pray for us - for James to get his writing and video out there, for me at home with Bubs, for the nausea of this pregnancy to subside as the first trimester comes to a close...

Until next time (which will be soon!),