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Friday, August 31, 2012

Water Play & Camping Trip Numero Dos

Miles LOVES playing in the water.  I didn't know if he would, in all honesty, because the last time we tried to give him a shower, he screamed like he was being tortured!  But he has certainly warmed up to the idea of water play, maybe because it's not splashing down into his face at all.

At the ground fountain in Canyon Crest
(We visited Tita Ema on this day!)

Later in the week:  Backyard sprinkler fun

I love, love, love playing in the backyard with Miles.  It's extra fun because I finally put together his toddler water playset from Tita Michelle - so we just go out back, and I fill up the playset, turn on the sprinkler, and hang out with Bubs!  I'll make sure to take some pictures of it soon.

*  *  *  *  *

We are so blessed to have friends who have the same interests as we do, namely, camping!!  We went up to Idyllwild, the last weekend of August, which was a great way to get away from the 100°+ heat!  It actually got quite chilly Saturday night, and I kept waking up to check if Miles had scooted out of his cozy blankets.  He did really well, and I had a lovely time!

James, rock climbing with the boys

Bubs & Daddy, after conquering the rock

Miles & I on our hike

"Daddy, hiking is SO fun!"

Brian B. face to face with the wildlife
at the Nature Center

Bird watching:
"Oh, I see all the birds!"

The group that hiked back down
(Bubs & I got a ride, haha)

I love this candid one of the 
Nathan, the kids, and Brian

My hoodie boys, Sunday morning
--- it stayed cold until about 8AM


Back home this week:
"I learned how to blow bubbles!"

Miles is definitely an adventurer.  I have to start printing photos and putting together our adventure book - I mean, I went through all the trouble of making it, and nothing is really in it, yet.  It's okay, I was really good about keeping track of Miles' baby book every month, and I have plenty of mementos to start the adventure book, too.  Hopefully, Summer will start having craft nights again, so I have a designated time and place to work on scrapbooks!

Until next time...

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  1. OMGoodness... the "cheeeesse" face is too too too cute!!! <3