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Friday, August 31, 2012

Water Play & Camping Trip Numero Dos

Miles LOVES playing in the water.  I didn't know if he would, in all honesty, because the last time we tried to give him a shower, he screamed like he was being tortured!  But he has certainly warmed up to the idea of water play, maybe because it's not splashing down into his face at all.

At the ground fountain in Canyon Crest
(We visited Tita Ema on this day!)

Later in the week:  Backyard sprinkler fun

I love, love, love playing in the backyard with Miles.  It's extra fun because I finally put together his toddler water playset from Tita Michelle - so we just go out back, and I fill up the playset, turn on the sprinkler, and hang out with Bubs!  I'll make sure to take some pictures of it soon.

*  *  *  *  *

We are so blessed to have friends who have the same interests as we do, namely, camping!!  We went up to Idyllwild, the last weekend of August, which was a great way to get away from the 100°+ heat!  It actually got quite chilly Saturday night, and I kept waking up to check if Miles had scooted out of his cozy blankets.  He did really well, and I had a lovely time!

James, rock climbing with the boys

Bubs & Daddy, after conquering the rock

Miles & I on our hike

"Daddy, hiking is SO fun!"

Brian B. face to face with the wildlife
at the Nature Center

Bird watching:
"Oh, I see all the birds!"

The group that hiked back down
(Bubs & I got a ride, haha)

I love this candid one of the 
Nathan, the kids, and Brian

My hoodie boys, Sunday morning
--- it stayed cold until about 8AM


Back home this week:
"I learned how to blow bubbles!"

Miles is definitely an adventurer.  I have to start printing photos and putting together our adventure book - I mean, I went through all the trouble of making it, and nothing is really in it, yet.  It's okay, I was really good about keeping track of Miles' baby book every month, and I have plenty of mementos to start the adventure book, too.  Hopefully, Summer will start having craft nights again, so I have a designated time and place to work on scrapbooks!

Until next time...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Adios, July

You say goodbye, and I say hello.

*  *  *  *  *

July, you came and went so quickly!  Last month was just so eventful, and I'm thrilled to be thirty!  It all started off with a splash, on Independence day at Michelle's.  I love summer grilling, floating the pool, and letting the sun dry my hair.  

The fourth: splashing in the pool
at the Ponderosa with Tita Barbara

My very delicious, very Filipino breakfast
the morning of July 5th

My birthday came next, and it was lovely - AYCE sushi with the fam!  Mom, Mark, Jenny, Matthew, Austin, Ema, and Ben joined the Browns at Oishii in Riverside.  Then Michelle, Phil, Sophie, and Phillip met us at home for some tasty dessert from Marie Calendar's!  
James' presents for me, 
wrapped in purples and pinks, belted in gold

The presents, in order of opening:
Jem/Jerrica "Double Life" Tee, The Buttercream Gang, 
Beat Street, Dirty Dancing, Jem: Season 1,
Dance lessons for two at Fox Dance Studio in Redlands!

Mid-month, we got to hang with the fam at Mom's timeshare in Big Bear.  It was lovely to get away for a weekend, relaxing in the mountain air, away from the IE heat.  Mark, Jenny, Don, and Austin went mountain biking, while James, Miles, and I went to the zoo.  We also took the lift up to the top of the bike run at Snow Summit, where we met up with the rest on their second-to-last run.  After a delicious dinner at Jasper's, we all walked around town (as my Mom, Michelle, Sophia, and Phillip - along with everyone else - had the day before), and got some goodies.  Sunday, Jenny joined the three of us to try to attend the town's chili cookoff, but it was cancelled, due to lack of sign-ups!  Too sad...

A grizzly at the Big Bear Zoo

Our view from the ski lift

The Browns on the lift
(Don't let the smile fool you, I was mortified! And not for me: for Bubs!!)

Later that week, Miles and I got to visit the Science Discovery Center with friends, and we miraculously fit four ladies and six kids into two sedans!  Woo hoo!!  (I say miraculously because we had to separate two kiddos, and make sure all the carseats fit!)

All of us out front

Miles, marvelling

Turtle Crossing

The cutest turtle I ever saw!

Next, we camped at Kern River - Miles' first time!  We had a blast.  In attendance were: Mom, Mark, Jenny, Ben, Ema, Austin, James, Miles, and me.  

Good morning, Sunshine!

"I will conquer this campsite!"

Cue:  "Pontoon" by Little Big Town

"Who said anything about skiing?  Floatin' is all I wanna do..."

Failed attempt at getting Miles to blow a dandelion

Tita Emskii and Bubbas

Chillin' by the river before packing up

In town

Lake Isabella, the road in the rearview

My little cowboy

Lunchtime sweetness at Astro Burger

I shall post separately about my 30th birthday bash, but I wanted to say:  It was the best party I've ever thrown.  I had so much fun, and everything turned out perfectly!  Everyone came in costume, lots of people were dancing, and the snacks were tasty!  (Sorry about not having lumpia, Scott G.  Next time, I promise!)

Here were my starting materials...

I think this month was best characterized by me finally announcing to the world (my world) that I resigned from my job in May, to stay home with Miles Yossarian (you can read more about that decision here).  I love being a stay-at-home-Mom.  It's the best, and most demanding job I will ever have.  I enjoyed seeing July come to an end because August 1st would've been my start date with students, had I been teaching at Barton this year.  But here I am, up at 1:04AM, blogging - and it's okay because I can sleep in tomorrow!  Here are a smattering of photos of my boy:

Handsome boy, watching TV with me

"I am hypnotized by Sesame Street."

Driving a sports car at Tyler Mall.

Gosh, this sweet boy...

"I got my hair cut.
You know I look good."

"Khee hee hee hee!"

"I LOVE STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!"

August is already here | in fact, it's almost half over!  This boy of mine is growing up so fast, and I'm trying to stay on top of documenting the progress.  I'll try to be more consistent about posting here - perhaps committing to do so weekly, since I get to make my own schedule now.

*  *  *  *  *

The Latest in the World of Bubs:
* Can clearly say:
   - Dog                 - Ball                 - Momma              - Bye-bye
   - Da(d)               - Nona             -  Duck                  - Baby
   - Bath                 - Banana           - No                     - Matt
   - "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy" like Cookie Monster

* Attempts to say:
   - Amen = "Nay-neh"
   - Yee haw! = "Ee-aw"
   - Where is it? = shrugs shoulders with hands out and open, "Wha?"
   - Bird-bird = "Dirb-dirb" or "teep teep"
   - Everyday/Everything = "Vryday!"
   - Milk = "Na!" (not sure where that one came from)
   - Oompa Loompa = "Hoo ha, hoo ha," with the dance
   - Wall-E = "Wah-dee"
   - Tita = "Ta"
   - Book = booh

* Knows the Animal Sounds for:
   - Dog = woof
   - Monkey = oo oo aah aah!
   - Bird = tweet tweet
   - Owl = who who
   - Lion/Tiger/Bear = oh my! (kidding...) roar!
   - Cow = moo
   - Elephant = moves his arm like a trunk and trumpets

* Signs for:
   - food/eat/hungry                 - water                 - apple
   - milk                                     - trust                   - ouch/hurt
   - bird                                    - banana

* Can show you his:
   - belly                 - eyes                 - nose
   - ear                   - teeth                 - hands
   - feet                   - hair                  - cheeks

More to come, very soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

99, 44 / 100% Pure

Just a quick blip before I drift off to dreamland:

I had an incredible prayer time with a dear, dear sister in Christ, and I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit indwells us!  I'm excited to see what Jesus is doing in our lives.  Please pray with me this week:  For friends and loved ones, for past, present, and future, for dedication and salvation, for loss and grief, for illness, for family... ultimately, for God's perfect will.

Good night.