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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not-So-Little ONE

It's official, Bubbas is ONE today!

Where has the time gone??  We started off his birthday celebration last week at Disneyland!  Ema treated us (a generous gift for my birthday) to our first family trip to the Magic Kingdom.  We left Riverside at 8:30, and made really good time!

Our first ride:  the Tram, of course

Customary picture with the Mickey garden

High-fivin these dudes was fun

Timothy Mouse

Our first *official* ride:  Finding Nemo Submarines

Bubs liked it… until the alarm started to sound right at the end

This boy…

The Guys.

First taste of CHURRO


Marveling at It’s a Small World

Stronger Boy

"Who are you callin' Goofy?"

"Uh, Dad, that is a huge puppy."


Meeting the Mouse

Loving Alice in Wonderland

"Momma, I don't WANT to get off the ride!"

"I'm gonna fly."


Mint Juleps


The very next day was Miles’ birthday bash here at the house.  In my wannabe-wonder-mom mind, I envisioned a James & the Giant Peach themed party… I made a paper peach, but it was so crazy.  Everyone was really sweet about the coo-coo bananas décor.  And I’m so glad that our friends and fam love us that much to not hurt my feelings.  Haha!

When it came down to it, all I cared about was that the guests were fed, and that Miles was having fun.  He got lots of hugs, kisses, gifts, and a cupcake of his own!

Today, for his actual birthday, we went over to my Mom’s for some fajitas and ice cream.  It was a fun celebration, low key and comfortable.  I wish we could’ve hung out longer, but there’s work tomorrow…

Until next time, 

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