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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nokia D3100

I can't believe January is over already!  James and I bought ourselves a present after Christmas:  a new camera!  The following shots are some of the first... (hundred!)

Hello, Pilgrim.

Gardening with Miles is super fun...

... for me at least.

Actually, he loved it when I was raking & sweeping.
He would get mad when I stopped.

Little lady.

Bubs loves his bubbles

Super slick in his rancher's jacket

Boo ya!

"Um, have we met?"


Brunswick never looked so cool

Party animal = blurry picture, crazy hair, little teeth coming in

IHOP breakfast for dinner
(Thanks, Tita Barb & fam!)

I think he was singing here...

Sprinklers, by JB

Miles loves a good stroll.

"Hey, are you taking my picture?"

"I like taking tissues out of the box"

"Look mom, I can use the tissue box!"

So much more to come.

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