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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meeting Lolo!

Dad is out from NY this month!  We drove down the first Sunday to introduce Miles to Lolo. It was great to see him, and visit with Don, Johanna, Ninang, CJ, Sage, and Lita.  Mark was there, too!  Miles and Sage weigh the same - and Miles is 6 months older!  We're trying to help him gain weight, by making sure he's eating a lot more solids.  I'm pretty sure it's working because his belly is rounding out nicely.  :)

Introducing Miles to CJ's horsey

Uncle Don & Bubs - too cute!

My new desktop background

Crawling cousins

CJ love!

"Gotcha Daddy!"

JB, me, Miles, Lolo

This one's got Mark in the mix

Dad is doing well, his happy self.  We'll be hosting him at our house soon - I'm so excited that he'll be able to see it!

Until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for visiting and meeting Miles for the first time! He's another certifiable huggable that's so hard to let go. It was so nice to see again Marilyn, James and Mark after such a spell.

    Looking forward to visiting your dude ranch soon and have a hootenanny hoedown! Meantime keep posting... they're geat!!!

    Much love ~ Mwah!