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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tree Hunting

These are some photos from when we went to pick up our Christmas tree on December 3rd.  We started out at Home Depot, hoping to use some of our gift card money from the housewarming.  It didn't feel right because they don't have the trees set up, and open.  They're all wrapped and tied, like hams.

So we ventured from HD down to the Parkview Nursery off of Magnolia and Jackson... but they were closed.

We ended up at a large, well-lit Christmas tree lot on Magnolia between Adams and Madison.  It was super cold, and Bubs didn't seem to mind.  He loves being outside.

Inside Home Depot, comfy and smiling

Gazing at the trees in the lot

Family Photo looking for noble firs

"What do you think of this one?"

Considering all his options

The photo opportunity:  a weird sleigh

Miles thought this tree was made
of snacks - and almost ate a piece of it! 

Our tree, tied to the car 

Back home, chillin' 

Crawling.  Word. 

Hooray for first Christmas things!  More to come soon.

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