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Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingle Bubs

Eight months has come quickly and gone 
- I mean, we're halfway through the month already!!!  Here we are, eight months, two weeks, and three days.  Miles is growing fast, and we're trying to savor every moment.

The latest:
* Miles likes to make the /p/ and /f/ sounds.  He sort of whispers them, especially when he's just woken up.
* He has a voracious appetite - and boy, is he adventurous!  Miles will eat pretty much anything.
* Oh, he likes to try to feed himself - with his hands, his spoon, off the table, whatevs.
* When Bubs is cranky, the Christmas tree calms him right down - especially when we turn the lights on.
* Miles loves when James sings - something about Daddy's voice calms him.  We were singing "Baby, it's Cold Outside" a few days ago, while Baby was playing in his room.
* He was CRUISING yesterday!  That is, he was walking around his playpen, holding onto the rails.  AHHH!!!  I'll try to catch it on video soon.

As promised, here is the video of Jingle Bubs:

My favorite part of this vid is his crazy, excited noise at the end.  He cracks me up!

Psychedelic light show in our living room
(Miles is sort of uninterested)

We lubs this chubs Bubs.

The living room with the flash

One of Miles' favorites to try to grab: 
The peacock ornament

Here are a few after his bath last night.  He's so handsome!

Love this smile.



James totally makes this face.

Uh oh, what does he see?

"Ah-ha!  I can almost reach this one!"

This Christmas break has already been wonderful - hanging out with Miles in the morning, then letting him play at the Petersen Family Daycare for a few hours, getting some cleaning and yard work done.  Then next week, we'll be home all day, e'ry day.  I'm excited to just spend time with Miles, and get to see James every afternoon, not having to worry about lessons or behavior issues in my classroom.

It should be a sweet first Christmas for Baby.  We'll be here Christmas Eve, and I'm making a turkey again this year, with all the trimmings.  It'll just be us, so if you're in the mood for a yummy dinner, let me know, we'll have plenty for a few more!

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