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Friday, November 25, 2011

Miles' First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving day was a blast!  I think we have established our new tradition:  Taking Miles to Bass Pro Shop in RC for a free photo with Santa Claus!  He did so well, and I can't wait to turn it into our Christmas Card.  We took Baby to see Santa and then hung out for a while.  Here's a little preview of the cuteness.

The fam waiting to see St. Nick

"Thinking about what I want for Christmas"

"I'm riding a POLAR BEAR?!"

This is why hunting + coloring books = a very weird idea

The boys being Davy Crockett

Miles speaking elk

Trying to blend in with the wild hogs

Hey a turkey!

So then we went over to Michelle's for the Thanksgiving feast.  It was so great getting there early - I got a chance to sample everything before they hit the table!  Yum!  It wasn't as epic as usual; that is, we didn't have to cook for 30-40 people this year.  It was wonderful, and a lot more intimate this year.  Michelle, Phil, & the kids hosted us three, my Mom, Matthew, Mark & Jenny, Tito Charles, Tita Barbara, Ema & Ben, Larry Sr., Loretta, Larry, Grandma, and Bryan.  That's 21 people!  Woah!!  Well, it felt a lot smaller than the past few years.

And oh wait, let me clarify:  the food was definitely epic.

Miles had fun hanging with everybody.  Sophia is a natural with him.  He would get sad anytime she left the room after playing with him.

The definite upside to having a smaller crowd this year was having a ton of leftovers!  (See the picture with the stacks of boxes.)  We usually get one to-go box and share it for dinner the next night, but we have 3 boxes of sides, two of turkey and ham, and one of dessert!  Woo hoo!!!

The fam and the feast!

Nona and the grandkiddies!

Phillip being a Tommy Hilfiger ad

Plate number 1: Mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing,
green bean casserole, mac & cheese, turkey & cranberries

Phillip & Ema

The fort of take-home food!

Just Dance 3 to top it off!!

I love our family.  Thanks to the Lord that He has blessed us so immensely.  My Mom's turkey is not something to be trifled with.  And our Just Dance sessions are a great way to work off the calories.  It was so fabulous to hang out, sing, laugh, and chat with people I love.  If we weren't able to celebrate with you, we definitely missed you - and I want to hear about your holiday!  Love to you.

Video to come soon:
Jingle Bubs


  1. Ryan and I love the idea of going to Bass Pro instead of the mall to see Santa! I bet Santa is way cooler at Bass Pro!