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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Falling into October

Bubs’ Halloween costume is in the works!  I can’t wait to finish it and show everyone what he will be this Saturday!

I love, love, lurve October.  We started the month off by attending the last weekend of the LA County Fair with Sam & Yanick.  SUPER fun!  We have so many pictures, but here’s a smattering:

(For more pictures, I'm posting on FB)

Last weekend, James and I were working at home, cleaning out the garage as Baby was napping.  It was a very productive Saturday!  We also got to purchase our lawnmower, weed-whacker, hedge trimmer, garden gloves and more at Lowes!  We’ll be working on the yard now… probably after the house is in order.

Things have been stressful at work lately, hence, I haven’t had a chance to update the blog in a while.  Miles is growing bigger every day, and learning new skills, too!  I think 6 months is that magic time in a baby’s life because so many things start to happen:

Laughing hysterically,
singing "I Have Two Hands"

Sitting up unassisted…
Like he's the king of the bed or something!

Pushing up to hands and knees


  Oh, Bubs.
And boy oh boy, can that boy talk!  He just has so much to say all day long!  He loves all the kids at his daycare, and Miss Raylene and Mr. Bob are his buddies – not to mention Grandma Petersen completely loves him!

We bought a Miles-size pumpkin to go on our mantle, and we’ll be carving it this weekend at the party.

I'm currently uploading the video I took of Miles yesterday, trying to crawl and get the camera.  It will be up soon.  :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goodbye September!

And hello six months old!

Gosh, there is so much to update here...

I don't even know what the last update was, but here goes.  The Browns have moved into the house by Riverside Plaza, and we're getting settled still.  The move was... interesting.  It got put off and put off, but it finally happened, and we are so blessed to have such an awesome church family that lent hands and trucks and trailers and time.

James and many more were helping to prep the house before we moved in on September 12th.  It was kind of a trip to leave for work from one house and then go home to sleep at another!  But we’re all moved in, and as of today, we are completely unpacked in the kitchen, living room, and both bedrooms!  Little by little, it’s getting done.

A lot of firsts to update for the past month and a half:

First beach trip

First time eating rice cereal

First time sitting up unassisted!

First wedding

First time in a high chair

First time watching Dumbo in a Bumbo

First time mowing our lawn

"Mom, I'm totally helping."

So now we are working on crawling.  I have to update with the pictures from the LA County Fair – he was so darn cute wearing a red baseball cap!  And also, the video I took of him pivoting around.   Miles can creep to get to where he wants to go, which, in his crib, can be kind of crazy.  He doesn’t have those bumpers, so sometimes his little foot will go between the bars!  Crazy boy.

One last thing:  A video for you!

More very soon!