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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July/August Hullaballoo

Oh wow, oh gosh...

There is just too much to post as of late, so allow me to start at the beginning.  And when I get to the end, I'll stop.

*  *  *  *  *

School started last week, and I LOVE my fourth graders.  It's going to be a great year.  I've already got a ton of pictures they drew for me on the wall behind my desk.

A picture of the classroom library that was so lovingly organized by one Miss Ema Jean

Next up are some pictures of Nanay and Bubs - she is just the best Great-Grandma ever.  She watched TV with Miles all the time!  He loved to hang out with her if he was well-fed and ready to chill.

Miles in the dope Beatles onesie from Auntie Wendy Blake.

Okay, big huge news number one:

James and I are buying a home!  It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single story home in Riverside off of Central (off the 91) that was built in 1952.  We fell in love with the neighborhood, and realized that it was the home for us when:
1.  We not only loved the online pictures, but also what everything looked like in person, and
2.  Miles was not screaming his head off.

Seriously, EVERY OTHER TIME we went house-hunting, Miles was cranky.  Either he missed his nap time, got woken up too early, was hungry, or was plain-ol' just not havin' it.  Until we got to the Yosemite house.  He was calm, quiet and just looking around.  And I am not the type of person who looks for signs.  But here was God saying to me, to us, "This is home."

We love all the unique things about this home, like the yellow tile in the kitchen, and the built in tiny  shelves by the back bedroom.  It's got a detached garage, and a huge beautiful tree on the DeAnza side.

Not only all of that, but God's hand is moving the process along so swiftly.  I am so humbled and grateful for His provision.  It went into Escrow on 7/25, and we're already looking to close next week!

Miles at Dr. Watson's office
Bubbas is weighing in at 14 pounds, 11 ounces
and measuring 24.5 inches long!!!

Hanging with his PLG

Big huge news number two:

Miles rolled over today!  He was practicing at Miss Jeri's house, rolling onto either side, but he saved his milestone for Daddy & Mommy to see this afternoon at about 5:30PM.  He rolled from his back to his left side, then  onto his belly, and finally pulled his arm out from under him!

Woo hoo!!!

(I'm on the phone with Michelle in the background... James' "Don't freak out" comment is to Miles, not me. <3 )

No more sleeping on a bed with pillows around...  Eeeee!


  1. Your classroom looks awesome! Your house looks and sounds perfect! And, the little video of Miles is the cutest! No pressure Miles!

  2. @Renee - Thanks! It's been a VERY busy month and a half. Such, is life, right? We are so thrilled with everything going on. :)