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Monday, July 4, 2011

June Update

Well, it's already July, but I have much to post about the last month!  I believe photo updates are pretty much the way to go.

Father's Day at Victoria Gardens

From Ammy & Auntie Sara's Visit
Stopping for a bite to eat off the 101 Freeway 

Visiting with Lucy & Brayden 

Inside a clamshell

"But, Daddy, when can I go on Tower of Terror?"

Toy Story ride = crazy fun!

"Woody's my hero"

Walking along Paradise Pier

Churros are my hero

Ema making baby smile and laugh

Flynn's Arcade!  So cool

Dole Whip a la Emskii & Brian

Hanging out at home, drooling on James 

June was a fabulous month, with travels, visits, and lots of hugs.  Miles' newest development is laughing.  He was cracking up at James yesterday when James would make a weird howl-like sound "ploooooh!"  Then, as soon as I got the camera out to take a video of it, Miles got distracted and wasn't even smiling!  :P  What a funny guy.  

He loves to coo and cuddle, and of course, to eat.  He's getting a little too big for his 0-3 month onesies, and he was big enough to ride 3 rides at California Adventure!  Oh, and something very "fun" for those of you who understand the IE heat - our air conditioner has been on the fritz for the last 3 days, so Miles has been sleeping in a bassinet in the living room, until we can get the upstairs rooms to cool down.  Blargh.  But it should be all better tomorrow, thanks to Tito Phil and Mikey from PVN.  Oh, and another update:  Tita Michelle is all better, and was home tonight for the July 4th celebration!  Miles had his first swim in the pool today!  He was actually okay.  Pictures on the next post, for sure!

Until then...

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