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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ammy & Auntie Sardee's visit

The following pictures were from Salli & Sara's visit from June 26-July 1.  Thank you to Sara & Salli for posting these on facebook!

Photo Credit:  Sara Wadsworth
(Except the ones with her in the picture...)
Walking behind the Mission Inn

In a lovely arm chair,
resting away from the heat

Casey's Cupcakes... decisions, decisions

Beautiful Salli, aka Ammy, & Miles

The gorgeous Auntie Sardee with Miles Yossarian

I think Miles was eyeing the cupcakes

James was ready to eat them all

Red velvet, cinnamon sugar, Reese's peanut butter & chocolate,
dark chocolate, orange, raspberry


"What?!  No cupcakes?"

At home, hanging with Momma

A stop for a bite near Hollywood


Drool face

"Hey Dad, what's going on?"

Jody & her crew

Uncle James & Brayden

"Thanks for letting me use your swing, Lucy!"

Miles' first ride... he slept through it all

Salli on Mickey's Fun Wheel


Paradise Pier at night

Bath time at home

Relaxing, getting his hair washed

Captive audience

Magic levitating towel wrap

Ready to get on PJs

Let's not forget Ammy's pictures!
Photo Credit: Salli Varney

First picture of Miles

Wearing his sailor suit at Tita Michelle's

Getting ready to go in to CA Adventure

Cars Land, coming soon!

Ammy & Miles

Sara & James

Salli & Sardee

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