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Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

So, Michelle & Phil hosted us for July 4th, even though that was the same day that Michelle came home from RCH.  She had an appendectomy on Friday, July 1st!  Crazy girl!  Many thanks to both of them, and my Mom for hosting us.

It was some good old American fun:
* Swimming
* Hot dogs & hamburgers
* Laying out
* Naps
* Watermelon
* Fireworks!
Majority of Photo Credits: Ema Jean

Miles is ready to party
(I love the Bumbo chair,
but Baby lasts about 10 minutes max.)

Michelle's welcome home sign

Red, White, and Baby!  Lovely Tita Barbara

Lazing about in the lazy sun


Getting dressed

"I'm ready to go swimming!
Wait, what's swimming?"

The fam

Oh this boy...

"Tita Ema, where's my Dad taking me?"

"Hmmm... not sure what I think of this."

"I guess I kind of like it."

Let's go swimming, swimming...
(From Left:  Phillip, me, Ema, Brian J., Matthew, 
Ben, Sophia, Austin, and Mark - James is underwater)

Rebels without a cause...

I beg your pardon...

Sweet Sophie and the sunset

Phil and the Fireworks

*  *  *  *  *

From July 4th until the next weekend,
our A/C broke.
It was one of the hottest weeks this summer so far.
Miles & I camped out in front of a swamp cooler all week.

Sam Sonke's creation:
Banana Split Cake (with a cherry on top!)

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