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Friday, June 17, 2011

June is a Busy Month!

To catch up, I thought I would post several pictures to show our adventures this month. Well, technically, the pictures start on May 29th, Miles' 2-month anniversary.  The day after that, we joined Jody, Dennis, Brayden, and Lucy in Burbank for a barbecue feast!  We got to visit with Pop, who was out from Georgia.

June 1st was Nanay's 87th birthday, so we celebrated with dinner at BJ's.  Delicious!  The next week was a whirlwind of Matthew's senior activities, CSHS graduation, Brad-grad at UCSB, and Jon's UCR grad reception!

On Tuesday, Sam V., Miles, and I paid a visit to Heather, Micah, and Audrey.  So sweet!  She was soooo sleepy!

But most days, Miles and I are at home, enjoying each other's company and smiling at each other.  I'm still trying to figure out the best schedule to suit both of our needs.  His naps are erratic, and he likes to eat in order to fall asleep.  James and I committed to doing P90X, but when Miles is crying, I'm out for the count!  As if the exercises aren't hard enough on their own!  But it's been going well.  And I don't mind being home with Baby.  He's my joy.

May 29, 2011
"Two months old today!"

Visiting with Pop in Burbank 

Uncle Kevin, James, Miles, and GrandPop

Cousin Brayden

"Take a picture of these."

Blue Steel

Cousin Lucy - Look at those lovely cheeks!


Nanay's birthday pizzokie

Present from Matthew:  Dodgers Cap

Miles loves his Nanay

Congrats Matthew!!

Smiling for the paparazzi

Dupar's feast in Oxnard

Photos by Phillip:


James camera back 

and front 

Phillips own hand 

Riding from Solvang to Santa Barbara

Big Brother Micah & Little Sister Audrey 

Enjoying my playmat