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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Miles is so blessed to have so many wonderful people that love him.  Tita Lori, aka Tita Tan-and-Lovely, dropped by with Tito Chris, and cousin Carson on their way to Palm Springs last Sunday, 5/22.  Miles was wearing his cool dinosaur hoodie sweatshirt with matching pants that Ammy sent.  Carson is such a smartie.  He was finding magnetic letters on our fridge that were the same, then he would say the letter, and say, "Match!"  I'm pretty sure he's advanced for his age.  :)

Carson, showing me letters

So cute!

Cozy with Tita Lori

What a healthy eater!

Then, on their way back from Palm Springs, they stopped by Michelle's house, so Miles and I got to see them again!  Miles slept for this visit... except when he was eating.  Phillip and Carson got to play for a while, while Michelle, Lori, Chris, and I chatted.

Carson blowing bubbles

The cool bubble gun that Phillip gave him

It's alway a joy to visit with family, especially as Miles is getting to be more sociable.  It's so sweet when Nanay visits with Miles in the mornings at home.  I have to try to catch a snapshot of it - he always smiles when she asks him to.  So cute!

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