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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Years & One Month

James & I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday, and Miles celebrated his 1st monthaversary on the 29th.

First attempt - flailing hands

Third Attempt - he put one finger up!

What a smartie!  He held his fingers like that all on his own - no posing by Momma!

Miles & I celebrated, just the two of us at home by taking pictures and then later with the group at Home Fellowship.  It was great to be out.  James was in L.A. working on a shoot, and I needed to spend time with grownups.  We got to see James again on Sunday night.

I caught the boy smiling on Sunday (most likely gas - haha!)

AAHH!  Mom, the flash is too bright, and I look bald!

Yesterday, James and I celebrated two years of marriage.  We exchanged presents:

I made him an "Our Adventure Book" inspired by Ellie Fredrickson.

This is the inside cover:

We sat on a picnic blanket in the yard when we opened the gifts.

The tree was too pretty not to photograph.

That night, we packed up Miles after he had his dinner so that we could get some of our own!  We went to Claim Jumper for apple whiskey chicken and a pot pie, and the best part was the chocolate calzone for dessert... a la mode!

James digging in

Yum yum yum!

I've been trying to update the blog header to include pictures of the three of us, but I realized that we haven't had nice pictures done of the family!  I'll have to get in touch with my contacts so we can get that going before Miles gets too big!!  More to come later...


  1. A few things...
    1. Ohmygoodness! Can you say "JAMES" in the smiley Sunday picture?
    2. Wait... I thought your anniversary was May 10th.
    3. I'm not sick anymore so I can start visiting again! Hooray!
    4. I miss you guys and love you all lots!

  2. Just kidding! :p I got confused because I was thinking "April 10th 2009 = my birthday, May 10th 2009 = your wedding/my prom, June 10th 2009 = high school graduation, July 10th 2009 = your birthday" Teeheehee

    P.S.Happy Anniversary! :D

  3. @Em - I see James all the time when I look at Miles. Hehe, definitely in that picture. Please come visit us again soon, he's fun when he's alert - although, he's getting over a cold, so maybe soon, but not just yet. And thanks for the well wishes, our anniversary was nice. :) Love you and miss you tons!