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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home Fellowship

I've got to say, I truly love our Friday night home fellowship at the Sonke's.  It's such a blessing to feel at home when we're out.  And tonight was a reminder that God is not only enough, but He is everything.  Romans 3 is so true - there is no good thing in me... not to seem pessimistic, but it's definitely true.  All good things are of the LORD, and I am so blessed to know that truth, and even more blessed to have the Holy Spirit in me to show me how true that really is!

Matthew 20 ministered to me so much tonight, recalling and resting in God's grace that is extended to all of us, each as unworthy as the next.  So many lessons to learn from the laborers in the vineyard.  But the best thing to remember from tonight is that God is just and He is so loving in ways I don't and probably won't fully understand.

**sigh**  I love scripture so much.

Miles has been coming to HF since he was about 2 weeks old, and was so social tonight!  It's definitely helped since I bought a nursing cover.  Yay for Bebe au Lait!  He was wide awake when we arrived, and Ema hung out with him while we had dinner.  I love his sweet smile (which I have yet to capture with my camera) and we love to talk.

He started talking with James first, but now Miles is getting comfortable talking to me, too.  And by talking, of course, I mean cooing - mostly "Ahh-gooo" or "aaoooOOO."  It's so fun!  His expressions crack me up, and I just want to eat him up, I love him so.

And who wouldn't?  Just look at this face!!

Other updates:
*  Miles is 21.5 inches long - 3 inches taller since birth!
*  He weighs 10 pounds!  Yeah!
*  He enjoys his mobile when the music is playing.
*  Miles found out that he can move his hands to his mouth - he doesn't have to wait for them to be put there by happenstance.
*  He has a tiny baby sense of humor - randomly giggling at things.

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