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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Weekend and Thereabouts

* * There are a ton of pictures on this post, so bear with the loading time...

The week before Easter, James' Dad came out to California.  He was staying with Aunt Paula & Uncle Bruce in Torrance, and they came out on Tuesday the 19th to meet Miles.  It was so great for Miles to hang out with Grandpa!  We got treated to El Torito, and Miles got really cute gifts.

A random shot of Baby sleeping
- what a siopao! -

We had an amazing Good Friday service that Miles let me sit in (he slept in the nursery the entire time!) with Tito Machu.  Then on Saturday, Grandpa came back to see us.  We went to Simple Simon's for lunch (delicious!) and walked around the Mission Inn.

Grandpa holding Miles in Taft's chair

Creepo Easter Bunny

James & the Easter Bunny

Then on Sunday, we got ready, went to service, and got to see so many of our church family and friends get baptized!  It was a huge blessing to be a part of such a big service at CBC.  Directly after service, we drove to Michelle's for Easter luncheon.  The kiddos went egg hunting, and even though Miles was asleep, he found 7 eggs!  What a smartie pants!

The egg hunters

Easter shot of the Fam

Miles, Daddy, & Grandpa

Grandpa had to say goodbye, and drove back to Torrance, to get back for his flight on Monday to Missouri.  That Wednesday, James left for Hollywood to work until Sunday.  We took pictures to pass the time.

Awesome hair!

Boba face!

Baby feet

That Saturday was Matthew's senior prom.  He got all dressed up in a new suit, and drove to Palm Springs with his friends.  Miles and I saw him off at his friend, Jelani's house.
Jose, Jelani, Carolyn, Katie, Tito Choops

Jose, chicken, Choops

We just have to wait out Sunday for James to come home.  It was a tough week without him around.  He's been so great, cooking dinner for me - so with James gone, I had to pack up Miles and eat out a few nights this week, when Nona didn't cook something for us!  I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Love this boy...

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