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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 2 Adventures

Life is certainly in the midst of an adjustment period for all of us.  Miles has started his week 3 growth spurt, meaning crazy appetite and much less sleep for Momma & Daddy.

Tito Mark & Tito Choops have been awesome.  I don't know how their beauty sleep isn't disturbed by Miles' crying jags in the middle of the night.  They're awesome at holding Miles when he's calm and fed.  He's also taken a liking to his infant swing.  He sits in it for a few minutes at a time before wanting to be held again.

Grandpa is in California this week!  He came over on Tuesday 4/19 to visit for the first time with Great Aunt Paula.  It was wonderful!  Miles did a great job - no fussing, and no crazy feeding frenzies while we had company.  We'll get to see Grandpa again on Saturday!!

Some pictures from Week 2
We've had a few more outings.  Miles likes his car seat.
Especially the print on the sun shade.

Sophia & Phillip's talent show at Harrison
(performing with Abigail)

"Wow!  My cousins are so talented!"

Funny face

Tita Emskii came over to treat us to
cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs.

The most amazing puzzle ever - I almost made
James throw it away.  But it has been a nice way to
pass time, even though it's called "The Dark One."

Miles' nursery.
note: The awesome book/plush collection started by 
amazing 1st & 2nd grade teachers at Barton

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