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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mas fotos

Week one:

March 29, 2011 - Miles is born

March 30 - and when our powers unite...

His jungle outfit to come home in

March 31 - getting ready for his first bath at home

James trying to comfort Miles

Miles was not having it!

April 1 - our first outing:  to Barton ES (Mommy's work)

April 2 - visitors!  Nona Babsie holding MIles, 
with a cupcake from Auntie Wendy Blake

Card & cupcakes from Auntie WEB

Red velvet, chocolate and apple pie - with a Zero candle!

April 4 - second outing to the Women's clinic at RCH for a checkup

Hanging with Tito Ben

April 5 - Listening to Daddy play guitar

Going on our first walk around the neighborhood

Week 2:
April 9 - napping at home on the boppy

During the last 11 days there was a lot that happened, but didn't get chronicled in photographs.  

March 30 - Tito Matthew visited at the hospital.  He helped us bring baby Miles home at 3, and we cam e back to find his nursery all set up and cute!  Cousins Austin, Sophia and Phillip visited with Tita Michelle that evening, along with Tita Ema.

March 31 - Auntie Sam & Uncle Yanick came by with a present, and hung out with sleepy baby and sleepy parents.

April 1 - Miles had his first outing and did awesome!  He slept in the car, and didn't mind the heat that day.  We went to my work, and the district office, as well as the bank!  Lindsay dropped by with dinner, and Noah & Micah got to meet Miles.  That night, Patti, Lisa, Jennifer C. & her two sweet kids came to visit us and brought food & gifts as well.

April 3 - Tito Charles & Tita Barbara visited and met Miles, and brought me chocolate truffles!

April 4 - Tito Bryan met Miles for the first time, and hung out during his spring break.

April 7 - Miles' first checkup at the doctor... he gained back the weight he lost - 7lb 1oz now!

April 8 - Miles met people at home fellowship and slept through the worship set and the study!

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