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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 2 Adventures

Life is certainly in the midst of an adjustment period for all of us.  Miles has started his week 3 growth spurt, meaning crazy appetite and much less sleep for Momma & Daddy.

Tito Mark & Tito Choops have been awesome.  I don't know how their beauty sleep isn't disturbed by Miles' crying jags in the middle of the night.  They're awesome at holding Miles when he's calm and fed.  He's also taken a liking to his infant swing.  He sits in it for a few minutes at a time before wanting to be held again.

Grandpa is in California this week!  He came over on Tuesday 4/19 to visit for the first time with Great Aunt Paula.  It was wonderful!  Miles did a great job - no fussing, and no crazy feeding frenzies while we had company.  We'll get to see Grandpa again on Saturday!!

Some pictures from Week 2
We've had a few more outings.  Miles likes his car seat.
Especially the print on the sun shade.

Sophia & Phillip's talent show at Harrison
(performing with Abigail)

"Wow!  My cousins are so talented!"

Funny face

Tita Emskii came over to treat us to
cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs.

The most amazing puzzle ever - I almost made
James throw it away.  But it has been a nice way to
pass time, even though it's called "The Dark One."

Miles' nursery.
note: The awesome book/plush collection started by 
amazing 1st & 2nd grade teachers at Barton

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mas fotos

Week one:

March 29, 2011 - Miles is born

March 30 - and when our powers unite...

His jungle outfit to come home in

March 31 - getting ready for his first bath at home

James trying to comfort Miles

Miles was not having it!

April 1 - our first outing:  to Barton ES (Mommy's work)

April 2 - visitors!  Nona Babsie holding MIles, 
with a cupcake from Auntie Wendy Blake

Card & cupcakes from Auntie WEB

Red velvet, chocolate and apple pie - with a Zero candle!

April 4 - second outing to the Women's clinic at RCH for a checkup

Hanging with Tito Ben

April 5 - Listening to Daddy play guitar

Going on our first walk around the neighborhood

Week 2:
April 9 - napping at home on the boppy

During the last 11 days there was a lot that happened, but didn't get chronicled in photographs.  

March 30 - Tito Matthew visited at the hospital.  He helped us bring baby Miles home at 3, and we cam e back to find his nursery all set up and cute!  Cousins Austin, Sophia and Phillip visited with Tita Michelle that evening, along with Tita Ema.

March 31 - Auntie Sam & Uncle Yanick came by with a present, and hung out with sleepy baby and sleepy parents.

April 1 - Miles had his first outing and did awesome!  He slept in the car, and didn't mind the heat that day.  We went to my work, and the district office, as well as the bank!  Lindsay dropped by with dinner, and Noah & Micah got to meet Miles.  That night, Patti, Lisa, Jennifer C. & her two sweet kids came to visit us and brought food & gifts as well.

April 3 - Tito Charles & Tita Barbara visited and met Miles, and brought me chocolate truffles!

April 4 - Tito Bryan met Miles for the first time, and hung out during his spring break.

April 7 - Miles' first checkup at the doctor... he gained back the weight he lost - 7lb 1oz now!

April 8 - Miles met people at home fellowship and slept through the worship set and the study!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures Please!

You asked for it!  So here they are.

March 29, 2011

James breathing with me through a contraction

Hopefully this is after I had the stadol - I look dopey...

Not able to focus here... James getting my attention

Hi baby boy.

Getting cleaned up.

Why am I not warm yet?

I'm sad.

All smiles now!  Drinking my apple juice.

Tita Michelle's visit

Proud Daddy

so sweet

Lovely Nona & yawning Miles

Tita Emskii dropped in!

Harry, Miles & Daddy

There he is!

Our family.

This is what we do all day long.

March 30, 2011
Kuya Austin

Kuya Phillip

My Mom was so excited

Proud Nona

Nona and her grandbabies!  Ate Sophie is a pro.

That's all for now, folks.  I'm snapping pictures constantly, but it's hard to find the spare moments to upload and update.  We'll keep you posted, though!

Monday, April 4, 2011


born March 29, 2011
at 2:04PM
Weight:  6 pounds, 14 ounces
Length:  18.5 inches

By the previous post, it's obvious that Miles was an early surprise!  He's now 6 days old, and Mommy & Daddy's joy.  Here's the story of how he came into the world...  Here's the story, pictures to follow.

It was my first day back to work after Spring Break.  It was a busy day, but a good one.  It was nice to see my students, and get back in gear.  "One week left," I kept reminding myself, when things got challenging.  Leave was scheduled to start on April 4th.

I got home to see James, and told him about my day.  We had our last childbirth prep class that night, and he was getting the salad ready for our potluck.  As it turned out, (sorry if this grosses you out...) I passed my mucus plug right when I got home.  I told James, and called my Mom, as well.  But after reading up on the subject at, I decided it wasn't anything to worry about, and that it might still be up to a week before the Baby came.

Our last childbirth prep class was good.  We had a potluck and watched more videos.  We also talked about newborns and what to expect.  I had one contraction at 

I had a contraction, but related it to the Braxton-Hicks variety... the kind that is getting my body ready, but aren't the 'serious' ones.  I had had these before, never to be followed up by another that same day.

Another contraction...  hmm.  I told my Mom about my 2 contractions.  She said, "No, I don't think it's time.  You haven't 'dropped' enough yet."  True.  I went to bed.

I woke up to a very strong, very different kind of contraction.  The ones I had the night before felt like my abs getting hard, and it wasn't at all painful.  This one was an entirely different sensation.  It felt like pressure and pain at the bottom of where the baby was.  It lasted about 40 seconds and then I went back to sleep.

By this time, I had been waking up and James was waking up with me.  I had 4 contractions since the first one, and he realized they were about 6-7 minutes apart.  He started writing the times down for me.  Though one more came 6 minutes later, the next one didn't come for 13 minutes.  We didn't want it to be 'false labor,' so I looked it up on the internet and in my baby book and tried to go back to bed.

Okay, now they're coming about 7-9 minutes apart.  We're still monitoring them, but I did not want to drive all the way to RCH only to be told to go back home.  They felt the same, but they were manageable.  I kept saying, "It's not time, yet."  Still, I didn't want to  be sleep deprived at work so I called off, just in case.

I let James get some rest and walked downstairs, still monitoring the time of each contraction.  They stayed about 6-7 minutes apart for the next hour or so.  I played Katamari Forever, pausing to stand up and moan or breathe whenever I needed to.  My Mom left for work at 7, and Matthew came down a bit later - he's on Spring Break.  James came downstairs at about 7:45.

Now I'm watching Saved By the Bell, and it's two back-to-back clip show episodes.  By now, I've had at least 2 instances where my contractions are 5 minutes apart.  Hmmm.. getting closer to it being time.  By now, things are getting more and more real.

Wait a minute, my last contraction was at 8:23 - that was 4 minutes ago.  James and I head upstairs to make sure that the labor bag is packed, and that we have everything we need.  "Matthew, call Mom and let her know we're heading to the hospital."  The contractions are getting more intense now.

Packed up and ready to go, we head to the car, my water bottle in hand, birth ball in the back seat, and drive off to RCH.  At this point some of my contractions are 3 minutes apart!

We get to RCH, head upstairs to Labor & Delivery, and thank the Lord we pre-registered!  Still, there was one paper I needed to sign, and I was already leaning on the counter in order to breathe through any contractions I was having.  "Sign here."  Scribble, scribble, inhale, exhale...

I was admitted when Nurse Sherae checked me, and I was already dilated to 4cm.  Holy mackerel!  If it wasn't real before, it's showtime!  Nearly halfway there, I get into my lovely gown and we call my Mom.  She showed up an hour later.

*  *  *  *  *
The labor was relatively short, especially considering the fact that we spent all of the early labor at home.  James was really good at keeping me relaxed in between contractions, breathing with me.  During contractions, I leaned on him, and tried to focus.  My Mom was really great when contractions got intense, making me focus and breathe better so I wouldn't get light-headed.  They were wonderful in the delivery room, keeping me going with cheers and encouragement.
*  *  *  *  *

The most amazing thing happened.  After spending about 15-20 minutes pushing, I prayed during the last two or three pushes.  And I gave birth to our son, Miles Yossarian.  He's the most beautiful person I've ever seen, though a little blue at first.  James was gazing at him, and named him Miles.  Then he got to cut the cord while our little one was laying on me.  My Mom was so excited and crying, I was dopey because of the stadol, but definitely overcome by emotion.  I had 'freckles' from pushing - blood vessels that had broken under the skin on my face, neck and shoulders.  But that didn't matter.  All I wanted to do was see my baby.

By the time I was more aware, the doc had stitched me up, and Miles had his first bath.  He did not like it, even under the warming lamp with Nurse SherrySue.  I got to hold him and feed him for the first time.  He took to nursing really well for a guy who was only a few hours old.  Michelle came to visit with the kids, though Sophia and Phillip couldn't come up because they're under 14.  Austin stayed with them in the waiting room.  Ema was in between classes at RCC, so she got to come by and hold Miles, too.

After recuperating in the delivery room for a few hours, they moved us to a cramped postpartum room.  I got to ride on this weird chair thing that the nurse pushed.  The room was already occupied by a Mom & her baby, Xavier, who were recovering from a C-section delivery that morning.  It was the most congested hospital room ever, with two moms, two babies, two daddies, Mom, Ema and all the equipment.  But I was happy to be with everyone, especially James & Miles, healthy and waiting for lunch to arrive.

The stay wasn't too bad, and the food was decent.  That night, Mike came to visit, and after my Mom left, James and I shared a meal after Miles had his.  It was so great to spend time with our newest addition, just the three of us.  Sam & Harry got to come by, as well, and prayed for us.  It was wonderful to see them and pray with them.  I'm so thankful for all the love we've experienced already.  Miles is so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

*  *  *  *  *

I took advantage of having room service and ordered yummy breakfast and lunch before going home.  Michelle came early and brought me a jamba juice!  Yeah!  It was tasty.  James & Matthew came shortly after that, and stayed with me until we were discharged by Dr. Mba.

We were discharged at 3PM and got home around 4.  It felt good to be home, and see the nursery set up.  Everyone did a wonderful job setting it up the night before.  Michelle brought Austin, Sophia and Phillip to come and see their cousin Miles for the first time.  So sweet!  Ema came over, though I slept for most of her visit.  That night, James, Miles and I fell asleep watching Dumbo.

*  *  *  *  *

More updates to come, this is certainly a long post!