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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Shower Fun

Oh my goodness, how much this Baby is loved already!  It was such a blast to have so many wonderful people come out to celebrate the arrival of Baby Brown last Saturday, March 5!  Oh, and I would first like to thank our lovely photog, Tita Lori!!

The turnout was awesome.  Here's just a few of the guests:

The food was so tasty!
The mac & cheese was definitely a hit!
Delicious desserts

And there was a mountain of presents to open.  I’d better actually get started on my thank you cards and just plow through to get them done this week.  Maybe if I make a plan on how to break it down (write 5 a day), I’ll actually get it done!

Some highlights from the lovely gifts we received:
One of two awesome diaper "cakes" from Heather 
(the other from Michelle, you can see it in the picture of the food at the end of the table)
Beatles onesie from Wendy
Phillip approved of the bunny cap - "Aw how cute!  I wish this could be my size!"
Matching bunny slippers for Mommy!  (From Cristin)
Beautiful hand-made quilt and pillow from Auntie Babsie

I think my favorite part of the shower was the games.  We played 6 games:
* Clothespin game - Don't say "Baby"!!  (winner: Heather)

* Guess the number of jellybeans (actual 474; winner:  Laura’s estimate 450)

* What’s the size of my Baby Bump? (winner: Corie)

* Memory tray + what’s Momma wearing? (winner: Sam)

* Pick the safety pins out of the rice (winner: Laura)

* Play-Doh Baby (winner: Jenny - the yellow owl suit next to the strawberry)
Phillip helping me choose a play-doh baby winner

Like I said above, Baby is already so loved.  Thank you to everyone that was able to attend, and those who sent their love that weren't able to attend.  We love you, and keep an eye on your mailbox over the next week or so for a note from the Browns.

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