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Sunday, January 16, 2011

School's Back in Session

I was granted a transfer that I put in a few months ago, so this past week, I met my first-grade class.  It's been a roller coaster already, but I love the little ones, so this is a huge answer to prayer this school year.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I got the call last-last Tuesday evening, while we were packing for Solvang, and the district wanted to know if I could start the next day - but we were out of town!  So I started Monday, met my students and got teaching last Tuesday!  The first day was rough, but it's progressively been getting better.  The kiddos are still getting used to me, and I'm trying to set up the procedures in class.

By the end of the week, I was very pleased with how the room looks.  Here's a glimpse into room A8...

This is how it looks from right inside the door:

This is our carpet area:
 Here's our calendar/math wall:
 A shot from the other side of the room:

I'm still working on getting it in order, but it's sooooooo much better than it was on Monday!  I praise Jesus for His provision, and that He goes before me everyday.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful grade-level team of teachers that are supportive and super helpful.

I appreciate your prayers for myself and for the students, that in the next 12 weeks, we can establish a community of learners and promote literacy and math skills!  It's essential that I get it going ASAP because once Baby comes, I'm out of the classroom until the year ends!

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