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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kickin' it Like Tae Bo

A quick update for you.

Baby likes:
*  Dancing to music - especially when Momma's worshiping at CBCMV!
*  Yummy food - but not too much, then it gets cramped
*  Daddy's singing and stories
*  Moving around regularly at 6AM, 11AM, 4PM and 11:30PM
*  Kung Fu movies and Dancing movies - and practicing the moves

Mommy likes:
*  Putting her feet up - I'm long overdue for a pedi...
*  Hugs around the belly (First graders are just the right height!)
*  Ice cream or a bowl of cereal
*  Sleeping through the night - I'm savoring every minute now!

God is glorious, and His majesty never ceases to amaze me.  He's growing this little one moment by moment, and already loves Baby so much more than I do!!  I'm 28 weeks now... meaning only 12 left!  Ack!!  The countdown begins.

(SHOUTOUT:  Happy Birthday, Amie!  We love you!)

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