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Friday, January 28, 2011

How Sweet It Is.

Gosh, this kid is cute.

More on that in a second.

* 29 weeks*

Okay, so I'm already moving in on month 7!  Can you believe it?  I only have 10 more weeks of teaching before the due date!!  Well, here's my profile shot:

I'm feeling healthy and fairly energetic.  Well, the energy starts to wane around 5pm, but I think that'd be the case whether I was preggers or not.  Teaching 20 little first-graders is pretty crazy.  I like it, though.  I'm getting through to them, and the treasure box was a big hit!  They're able to independently follow a series of activities, which helps me get a lot of stuff done in small groups!

I'm not quite at the point where I can just leave work at work, in fact the living room has been invaded by practice workbooks and my random paperwork - sorry Mom!

Last weekend, James and I registered at Babies R Us and Target.  

We actually ended up buying a stroller because the one we loved best was on sale, and there was only one box left!  It's very cute, and very us:

We are also very open to people giving us gifts of their choice, clothing that is neutral or not, and definitely lots and lots of books.  We thought a framed picture like this one would be awesome for the nursery:

James met up with me today at Dr. Brar's office, where we had to cough up another copay for our ultrasound.  This one was definitely worth it, the shot the sonographer got us is so awesome!

Baby has a strong heart, and a big cerebellum - the printout said 64.1% in the range of development... meaning even though Baby's about 28 weeks old, the cerebellar measurement matches that of a baby who is 30 weeks old!  Yeah!  Already ahead of the curve!!  Good coordination will be a definite plus.

Right now, Baby weighs about 3lb 0oz, and is right on track.

Here's the sole of Baby's foot - it's right in the middle

You can't see all 5 toes (they're there!), but the big toe is pointing right -->.  Yeah, not the best one.  :P  I wish she had gotten a profile of the face, she had one for a cranial measurement, but didn't take a still shot of it.  I honestly don't know if we'll go back to this sonographer if we don't have to.  Seriously, it'd get too expensive.

But anyway, Baby was being a ham, and facing outward today:
Baby says, "Hello world!  I'm waving at you!!"  You can clearly see the face, right forearm, and the umbilicus - the left hand is blurry.  I love this kid so much.  *sigh*  Hi, Baby.

More next time...

*  *  *  *  *

P.S.  Watch out for these bandits:

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