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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Happy New Year!

Gosh, it's already January 9, and I haven't even posted a Christmas or New Year's update!

Well, I think it's mostly because I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera.  But let's recap:

We celebrated early at Auntie Babsie's:

And wished Sophia a happy birthday on the 19th - Pajama Party!!

 On Christmas Eve, James and I played in the band for our service, and we teamed up with Pastor Ed from a church in Cherry Valley.  It was fun to be back up on the Worship Team at CBCMV - I've missed it a lot, but the extra rest has been really helpful lately, too.  That night, we had cornish hens for dinner, with stuffing and roast potatoes.

Christmas day was fun - James and I exchanged presents in the morning, and opened presents we received from family in the mail.  It was so wonderful, I can't wait to start using the album Dad sent us... I loved the letter "from Baby," it was really sweet.  We already have Sara's framed picture on our dresser, and we need to put up the pictures of Naomie and Olivia.

In the later morning, we joined everyone at Casa Masut for a delicious breakfast of Chinese sausage, eggs & rice.  We exchanged presents there - wow, everyone really got a lot!  We must have been extra good this year.

That night, James and I put our AMC movie gift certifs to use right away, and saw Black Swan and True Grit, with dinner at the Dragon House in between.  It was a lot of fun, and so nice to stay local.  There were a lot of people out, surprisingly, but the day still felt very intimate and cozy.

Austin's birthday was super fun - we had Dim Sum!!  Yummy!  James isn't really a fan, but that means more siumai for me!

New Year's Eve was spent at Michelle's again, Mark & Jenny weren't with us - they were braving the cold in Mammoth!  But Jon & Drea were there, and the girls danced in the new year with "Just Dance 2" and "MJ: The Experience," while the boys were in the back playing pool & foosball.  We counted down, had grapes and held money (our traditions), and toasted our cider/champagne.  Phillip made it all the way to 12:05!  I was surprised!!  Sophia did really well, too... I think the dancing definitely helped.
(Us dancing at Sophia's party... but a similar sight was to be seen on NYE)

More to come soon!

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